AJ Styles Is Done With TNA; Looking Forward To Better Future


With AJ Styles going home to ROH next month, there were speculation that ROH and TNA were working together, PWInsider reported. But AJ as made this very clear that he is completely done with TNA and will not go back. I think AJ will fit right in with ROH well, considering his history with them. He also wanted to return to ROH once his contract with TNA expired.

If things go well as planned, look for AJ to go after Adam Cole for ROH’s top title in the near future. He is also taking some bookings elsewhere, including Preston City Wrestling in Preston, United Kingdom. But folks, AJ is not that dumb and he’s a very smart individual. But the fact that people still think he’s under contract with TNA is quite absurd because they didn’t read the facts. With AJ gone from TNA they can build some solid stars like Magnus and Samoa Joe and many others still working under contract. It’s more than likely Dixie Carter would bring in another WWE reject in the near future.

I always respected AJ Styles throughout his career and the fact that he is no longer with TNA doesn’t change my opinion that he is still one of the greats in the wrestling industry.

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