Is Cheerleader Melissa The Future For WWE?


People were always wondering, why is Cheerleader Melissa not in the WWE yet? That is what people have been asking for years since the Female Terminator was released by TNA Wrestling and throughout her career. She is one of the most recognizable women’s athletes in the independent scene in the past 10 years and is one of the most decorated women’s athletes this sport has ever seen. And now the fans want to see the glamorous gladiator in the WWE at some point. But there can be bumps along the road however.


But let’s be honest; Melissa deserves the opportunity because SHIMMER is getting young talent and Melissa as well as MsChif and Mercedes Martinez are the original women in SHIMMER since it opened its doors in 2005. It’s not like she wants to leave SHIMMER begrudgingly, but if that’s what fans want, then so be it. Their fellow SHIMMER original Sara Del Rey is in the WWE as a trainer and fans want to see her wrestle. But that may happen anytime soon because of the current influx of young women who want to be a part of the WWE and they train in the new WWE Performance Center. That could factor in for Melissa at some point, but to the die hard SHIMMER fans, they don’t want to see Melissa water down her awesome moveset because she had to make some sacrifices.


Melissa has shed blood (Literally in one of her recent matches), sweat, and tears to get to where she is today. A two-time SHIMMER Champion, two-time Pro Wrestling Revolution Women’s Champion, River City Wrestling Angels Champion, Pro Wrestling Illustrated’s #1 ranked woman in the Female 50 in 2013, a former RCW Champion, International  Champion, Tag Team Champion, the list can go on and on. If the WWE wants her, she will leave the independent scene behind like Sara and train with the young guns. People think her stay with NXT will be brief and is highly likely will make an impact with the main roster.


Melissa is good at being a good spokeswoman, so there might be opportunities to get involved with WWE’s Be A STAR campaign. While she is an avid reader (During flights), Melissa could help others to read through their WrestleMania Reading Challenge during WrestleMania season. And with her recent modeling ventures, Melissa can still do photoshoots with the best. She does with SHIMMER, she is highly likely to resume that in WWE. She is a role model to everybody because of not just her athletic talents, but her charm and beauty as well. That’s up to the bosses to decide.


Some fans will think, “Is the sacrifice really worth it?”

Only the Cheerleader knows that answer.

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