Why “Best For Business” Is A Whole Lot Better Than “Dixie-Land”


After witnessing Thursday’s mockery of a match it has come to a conclusion that TNA is nothing more than a WCW Knockoff. With the departures of Jeff Jarrett and now AJ Styles, Dixie Carter has completely turned TNA into a legit laughingstock. But the finish itself was so criticized it’s downright unwatchable. I hate to see AJ go, but as it stands, TNA is heading down the road to obscurity with Dixie at the helm. For the casual fans, it’s was enjoyable, but for the die hards…Not so much. The backlash it will receive in the coming days will bring nothing but embarrassment for TNA.

This is very crappy booking if you ask me. And it was crappy how it was executed too. With AJ gone from TNA and doing bookings across the world, there is little hope for TNA to bounce back after one of the guys who helped put the company on the map was disrespected by crappy management.

The way I see it, TNA won’t last after 2014 if they keep up this pace. Plus with Jeff Jarrett possibly starting up a new promotion, things will only be worse for the company that has been stinking up the joint for 11 years.


But right now in WWE, the “Best For Business” mantra that Triple H is presenting has gotten me hooked. Even though he isn’t that liked as he used to back then, he still gives us what we want to see, unlike some people who like to use personal vendettas on somebody. Things like that are not best for business.

With the WWE riding high with the upcoming launch of their online network next month, it’s a win for the company up north and a complete loss for the company down south. With all the crap TNA puts out, it is highly scrutinized while WWE gets away with it because it has the most successful talent depth, a divas division that can overrun the depleted Knockouts division, and of course better management than the most inexperienced one; in this case Vince McMahon and Dixie Carter.


While favoritism and unfair play are part of their recent storylines, TNA is better at it because of the recent events with Magnus as Dixie’s “World Champion,” and Randy Orton is the WWE Champion with the complete backing of the McMahon clan which is kind of dull because Orton is already an established superstar. But hey, give Triple H credit, because he is a smart guy and he doesn’t resort to personal grudges against the sake of business. With Vince McMahon utilizing some great ideas, there are plenty of fuel left in the creative tank in WWE’s monster truck. Dixie Carter and TNA? Not so much.


To paraphrase the great Tony Shiavone, “Dixie Carter, you can go to hell. Straight to hell.”


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