A Daniel Bryan Heel Turn? How About No! NO! NO!!


To those who wanted to see a Daniel Bryan heel turn by joining the Wyatt Family, you can forget about it.

For me, watching Daniel Bryan take it to Bray Wyatt brought a smile on my face, unlike two weeks ago when he joined the cult out of submission. When the fans were against it, it probably prompted the upper management to shoot that down quickly before the fans get even livid. It made no sense for Bryan to join the Wyatts to begin with, and it was foolish to make him turn his back on the fans. But let’s face it, without the fans, WWE Superstars would not see their paychecks come in. But with WrestleMania season coming up, it makes sense that Bryan is in for another solid push from management.

Right now, it’s too early to see if Bryan’s war with the Wyatts is over. It’s still going to get ugly, and for Daniel Bryan, he wouldn’t have it any other way. It could also elevate Bray Wyatt to new heights with his cultist persona, given the fact that it’s praised by a few folks. But with the pieces in place, you have yourself a good old fashioned rivalry that might last through the Elimination Chamber event, possibly through WrestleMania. But with the ratings are better than the company down south it is no surprise that the WWE will make sure that the fans get what they want, and then some. But the fans have to be patient for some things, like a long decent title run for Daniel Bryan. There is an old saying in the wrestling industry, and that is, “It’s a marathon, not a sprint.” And this marathon will continue until it can’t go on much longer.

But for now, will the fans get to see Daniel Bryan as champ again? Yes, but be patient about it. The bosses will get to that real soon.

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