Mae Young Passes Away


Today, the wrestling world has lost a legend. Johnnie Mae Young has passed away last night at the age of 90. A former National Wrestling Alliance United States Women’s Champion, Young has wrestled for seven decades, and leaving us with seven decades of memorable moments.

Gritty and tough, Mae wrestled the likes of Mildred Burke, Gladys Gillem, heck, even her good friend The Fabulos Moolah throughout her storied career. In 2008, she was inducted in the WWE Hall of Fame.

Mae Young was a great women’s wrestler of all time, battling it out for so many years. No wonder she lasted so long in life and in the ring. Miss Young helped lay the foundation for women’s wrestlers in any decade. The business would not have been successful without Mae Young. Legends like Madusa, Little Egypt and Missy Hyatt would have never been in the business without Mae Young. Today’s stars like Cheerleader Melissa, Alpha Female and Saraya Knight would have never been in the business today if it weren’t for Mae either. Now she is in heaven with her friend the Fabulous Moolah. May God bless Mae.

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