The Barbwire Blog Awards: The Lou Thesz Award

15The Barbwire Blog Lifetime Achievement Award, (The Lou Thesz Award), much like Pro Wrestling Illustrated’s Stanley Weston Award, recognizes lifetime achievement by a personality in the industry. This award is for either semi-retired or retired personalities who has been in the business for 25 years or more. The 2013 award winner is known in the UK as the Rowdyman, and does things rowdy…


In 2013 one of the greatest heels in British Wrestling history retired, and his name is “Rowdy” Ricky Knight. He is the patriach of the world famous Knight Family which includes his wife, former SHIMMER Champion Sweet Saraya Knight; his sons Roy Knight and Zak Knight and his daughter current NXT Women’s Champion Paige (formerly Britanni Knight).  He was one half of the famed Superflys tag team with Jimmy Ocean. He learned from Ocean throught his career, and the lessons he learned he passed it on to his family. “First of all they learned etiquette, then I specialized in teaching British style as to me its still the best,” he said. “They learned to work the crowd, too many modern stars are selfish and do their stuff whether the crowd wants it not. then they learned to work on emotion draw the fans in, make them care an art which is going out the modern era in my opinion.”

Along with Saraya, he is the architect of the Knight Dynasty in England. It is one of the most recognizable names in wrestling right there with the Von Erichs and the Anoai clan and of course the Guerrero family. “Its a great feeling to build that sort of legacy and remember my grandsons RJ and PJ are going through our academy so there is many more Knights coming through. I also like to think WAW Will always be a legacy long after I have gone.”

In 1993, Knight started the World Association of Wrestling, which showcases not only the best talent in England, but also the world. “Wrestling is my life in and out of the ring, i tell my students, wrestling is not a hobby, its a way of life. It takes hard work and dedication but its worth it as that 20 minutes in the ring or a WAW Show coming together is the biggest buzz going,” he says. And although he will be still teaching newcomers as well as promoting, the academy will still be intact. “I will still have my academy and gym in Norwich and will still promote, I am retiring from in ring only.”

Congratulations to Ricky Knight on this honor and best of luck in promoting WAW.

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