Kat Green, NWA Women’s Champion? Most Likely

Kacee Carlisle has been NWA Women’s Champion since October of 2012 and so far is putting up impressive wins over top caliber opponents. With her #7 Ranking on Pro Wrestling Illustrated’s Female 50, Carlisle is dominating the women’s wrestling scene with her power and high impact move set. But when you’re the best, there’s always someone gunning you down and brings the fight every time she steps in the ring.

Kat Green may be a ¬†relative newcomer in the wrestling scene, but so far she has improved to be an exciting talent in women’s wrestling. Representing NWA Wrestling Revolution in the Rio Grande Valley in Texas, Green it’s a very talented individual who mirrors her hero in wrestling, the famed Cheerleader Melissa. With her 9 Lives finisher, it’s highly likely that she might become the new NWA Women’s Champion and hold the same belt as the Fabulous Moolah, MsChif, Tasha Simone,and many other women who have held that belt over the years. But can she beat the talented veteran Kacee Carlisle? Who knows?

But for now, Kat Green has the opportunity. And the opportunities along the way are opening up for the young talented woman.

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