Road To Bellatrix 8: Sammi Baynes Speaks Out


Sammi Baynes may have been the luckiest woman in England when she scored the upset over Liberty to capture the RQW European Ladies Championship, but not without some much needed “help.” But like it out not, the former Norfolk Doll proved to the world that she can not be intimidated and will stop at nothing to get the win every time, with or without help. On March 2 at Bellatrix 8, she will do just that against an heralded women’s wrestler from Greece, Blue Nikita, for Baynes’ crown.

In this all new interview, Sammi wool address her role in Bellatrix 7 and talk about the upcoming match in March. It’s not censored and nothing is held back. Without any further interruption, here is the interview right now.

1. Can you tell our readers what happened at the last Bellatrix event?

I kicked some serious butt, not only did I impress I became European champion just a few short months after returning, oh and I’m guessing you would also be wanting to know about my siding with Axl Lynch and Courtney Rush well I’ll leave Axl lynch to explain that.

2. You returned to Bellatrix in a big way and now you are the RQW European Ladies Champion. How does it feel to know you’re wearing a title with much prestige?

An absolute honour I’m so proud to wear this belt and I’ll do anything I can to defend that.

3. You will be facing Blue Nikita for the aforementioned RQW European Ladies Title. What will she bring to the table?

A lot! This woman is amazing, I’ve always watched her work and thought she was incredible she will be a tough opponent but I think I’ll give her a good fight.

4. What will Bellatrix be like now that your ally Axl Lynch is at the helm?

The best! The Bellatrix brand is dubbed best female promotion in Europe well it’s about to get a whole lot better!

5. What are your goals in Bellatrix?

My aim is to become world champion isn’t everyone’s? I want to dominate the female division and hats exactly what I intend to do.

6. In closing, would you like to leave a last comment for your fans and detractors as well as Blue Nikita?

To all everyone who doubts me, just wait and see what I have in store for you, and to blue Nikita, good luck cause your going to need it!

Special thanks to Sammi Baynes for her time for this interview as well as Ms. Saraya Knight and Axl Lynch for their help in the process. To keep up with Sammi, follow her on Twitter @SammiBaynes.

You can follow me on Twitter @matthewhollie and the official Barbwire Blog Twitter @BarbwireBlog

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