Road To Bellatrix 8: A Shot Of Bacardi Does The Trick


Bacardi hasn’t been seen in the Bellatrix scene for quite some time, but everybody has to wonder what that means for the talented individual. She hasn’t shown any ring rust in the past few months, so that is a big plus on the active category. She will be involved in the 30 woman rumble at Bellatrix 8 with a shot to take on Sammi Baynes for the RQW European Ladies Championship in the near future.

In this new interview, Bacardi doesn’t take a backseat to anybody so that means this is 100% uncensored like every interview here. Look for her to be more honest about her work. Without any further interruption, here is the complete interview in it’s entirety.

1. What have you been up to after the events of Bellatrix 5?

I have been up to loads of things. Wrestling for many different companies in the UK and in Florida too. Had you kept up with my website and Facebook page, you would not have to ask that question!

2. With so many talented women coming in to Bellatrix in the coming days, do you think you got right in with this talented bunch?

Of course. I am talented, so I fit in perfectly thanks.

3. You will be one of the participants in the 30 woman battle royal on March 2. What do you expect from this match?

I expect it to be hectic, hard work and intense. But I also expect to win.

4. What do you think Bellatrix will be like now that Axl Lynch iss at the helm?

Why would it be any different? I will just keep doing what I do and let Mr. Lynch carry on with whatever it is he does.

5. What are your goals in Bellatrix?

My goal in Bellatrix is simple, to make it to the top of the company.

6. In closing, would you like to say a last word for your fans?

Thanks for the support, keep it going and buy my new Tees.

Special thanks to Bacardi for her time for this interview as well as Ms. Saraya Knight and Axl Lynch for their help in the process. To keep up with Bacardi, follow her on Twitter @BacardiWrestler and her official website at where you can find her merchandise there.

You can follow me on Twitter @matthewhollie and the official Barbwire Blog Twitter @BarbwireBlog

All classic Bellatrix matches are available for download on


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