Road To Bellatrix 8: Lady Lory Is Not Your Ordinary Lady


Lady Lory is one amazing competitor and one amazing athlete from Germany. No matter who is in the ring with her, she always kicks butt in more ways than one! A 10+ year veteran of the wars, she will be involved in Bellatrix 8 after years off from the promotion; but her talents are not wasted however, as she battled the toughest competitors the world has ever seen.

In this debut interview on the Barbwire Blog, Lady Lory will give her details about the upcoming Bellatrix events as well as other topics. Without further interruption, here is the interview in its entirety


1. What got you involved in professional wrestling?

My brother got me involved into wrestling that’s already 10 years ago. The typical thing, he watched it on TV and I started to do the same. Then reading Powerslam magazine to keep up to date, and also watching Raw every Monday evening. He got me addicted to Wrestling.


2. What were your early years in wrestling like?

It was hard in the beginning but I didn’t gave up. Getting the basic training like everybody. I didn’t had much experience to be in the ring more as a manager. But I enjoyed doing that, people clearly didn’t like me.


3. Who was your toughest opponent in your career?

Definitely Queen Maya, we had some tough fights in Italy and France.


4. You will make your return to Bellatrix after a year off. What makes you want to return to the promotion after a long time?

At the moment, Bellatrix is the place in Europe where the best Female talent is gathered together.

5. Do you think Bellatrix has evolved into a powerhouse promotion for women’s wrestling in Europe during your absence?

See the answer on question 4!


6. What do you think Bellatrix will be like now that Axl Lynch is at the helm?

I haven’t been there since he took over, so we’ll have to wait and see.


7. Let’s go around with some name association. I say a name, you can respond to whatever you please. Queen Maya?

Tough opponent, always looking forward to kick her ass.

8. Erin Angel?

Really technical girl, who I would love to wrestle again.

9. Allison Danger?

Never met her but heard good things about her.


10. Destiny?

Good Tag Team partner in France, screwed me over on the last Bellatrix event I was on.

11. Britani Knight (Now known in NXT as Paige)?

Would have loved to meet her before she went to NXT.


12. Cheerleader Melissa?

Like her style and hope to meet her.


13. Courtney Rush?

This girl has taste, my taste. Liked how she screwed over Liberty!

14. Penelope?

Talented girl who I wrestled many times in France.


15. Sweet Saraya Knight?

I hope to get in the ring with her again soon. I’m clearly not happy how our first match ended.


16. Do you wish to wrestle for top US Women’s Wrestling federations like SHIMMER, SHINE, or WSU (Women’s Superstars Uncensored)?

I would love to get there. So many talented girls who know how to kick ass.


17. What are your goals in Bellatrix?

To become the top champion and keep it that way.

18. Who is your dream opponent and why?

I would like to square off with Kana one day, she’s really good. But there are many different ones. Why? Because I like a challenge!


19. What does the future hold for you?

It’s hard to tell, I take it day by day.


20. In closing, would you like to leave a last message for your fans and doubters?

After my match, I’ll have more fans and no more doubters!!!

Special thanks to Lady Lory for her time for this interview as well as Ms. Saraya Knight and Axl Lynch for their help in the process. To keep up with Lady Lory, follow her on Twitter @Only1_LadyLory as well as her Facebook fan page at

You can follow me on Twitter @matthewhollie and the official Barbwire Blog Twitter @BarbwireBlog

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