Road To Bellatrix 8: Amy Lee Kramer’s Plans For Being Top Bellatrix Warrior

Amy Lee Kramer hasn’t been in Bellatrix since Bellatrix 5, but she has been getting better and better in her absence. The landscape has been changed, but Amy Lee will be ready for any opportunity. She will be involved in the 30 woman rumble at Bellatrix 8, entering #30.

In an all new interview that is exclusive to the Barbwire Blog, Amy Lee.will discuss her upcoming match as well as other topics. Without further delay, here is the interview in its entirety.

1. What have you been up to since the aftermath of Bellatrix 5?

Since losing to Miss Mina at Bellatrix 5, I have been working harder than ever to be the best I can be. I felt it was only right to take time away to better myself so I can be victorious in my next bout.

2. What did you think of the changing landscape of Bellatrix since your absence?

I knew Bellatrix would grow and grow, and its done exactly that. It is always heightening its level and it’s better everytime we do a show. We are finally getting the recognition we so deserve.

3. You will be involved in the 30 woman rumble at Bellatrix 8. What do you expect from that match?

Not only will I be involved in the rumble, I won myself the number 30 entrant. I have the highest advantage over the other women, and I will not waste my opportunity. I am expecting to go in with my pride and come out with the win.

4. What do you think about the state of Bellatrix now that Axl Lynch is at the helm?

I feel Axl Lynch is the best thing that could have happened to our company. Finally, someone who speaks sense.

5. What are your goals in Bellatrix?

My goal for bellatrix 8 in particular is to win the 30 woman rumble. One challenge at a time.

6. In closing, would you like to add a last message for your fans and doubters?

I proved all my doubters wrong when I won the number 30 entrant in a battle Royal against 8 other women. I turned on a friend, Sammi Baynes to get what I wanted and I will not look back. I do not need or want any support, every woman for herself. I’d wish the other contenders good luck, but that would be a lie.

Special thanks to Amy Lee for her time for this interview as well as Saraya Knight and Axl Lynch hour their help in the process.

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