Road To Bellatrix 8: Courtney Rush, Champion Wrestler Or Champion Meddler?


When Courtney Rush makes an impact, she really means it. She has made an impact at Bellatrix 7 as well as nCw: Femme Fatales in late 2013 even with a broken freakin’ collarbone, but there are consequences to her actions.



There’s an old saying to her actions in October: You don’t get to so many friends without making a few enemies. At Bellatrix 7, she cost Liberty the RQW European Ladies Championship when she knocked Liberty out cold to give Sammi Baynes the victory. And at nCw: Femme Fatales, Courtney not only impacted the grudge match with Portia Perez and Pink Flash Kira (Courtney had to lure Portia to the ring against Portia’s will), she also screwed Cheerleader Melissa a chance of revenge when LuFisto gave the reigning SHIMMER Champion a nasty cut at the previous weekend’s tapings by knocking Melissa’s feet of the ropes in a No DQ match. But people have to wonder; Is she getting everybody’s attention by meddling in key matches that don’t involve her? Does she have an agenda? Or is she out to be the best, no matter what?

In this new interview (Courtney’s 1st on the ALL NEW Barbwire Blog), the Winnipeg Suplex Machine reveals her actions as well as her upcoming matches in the months to come. Remember folks, this is 100% premium, unfiltered Rush, so that means she holds nothing back. Without further interruption, here is the #23 ranked women’s wrestler on PWI’s Female 50 in 2013.


1. You were sidelined with an injury late last year, but you made an impact at both Bellatrix 7 and NCW Femme Fatales. How did you manage to be involved in key matches with an injury like that?

I managed to be involved in key matches because I am a key player in this game, whether people want to admit it or not. The Bellatrix World Championship is in my possession, therefore I had the right to be at ringside to scout Liberty as my #1 contender, injured or not. Only a fool would let the opportunity to make a statement slip through their fingers, and now both Liberty and Saraya know that I will do what it takes, WHATEVER it takes, to keep the Bellatrix World Championship around my waist.

As for Femmes Fatales, Melissa and I both want a shot at that Championship. Don’t let her new buddy-buddy act with current champ Mercedes Martinez have you believe otherwise. And a broken collarbone doesn’t change my opinion of Melissa either. She had a chair raised over her head, ready to bring down on top of mine. I just caught her before she could do it. Would she have? I dunno. But if the roles were switched, I probably would have done it to her, too. The #1 contendership is a major goal. Win first, ask questions later.

2. Now that you are back in action, you will indeed be facing Liberty for the Bellatrix World Title. How are you going to humble the talented Bellatrix Female Warrior?

Liberty is a fantastic athlete, but I don’t believe she has the cutthroat attitude that I possess, which is required to win and keep a World Championship. She had never met me before, but was naive enough to trust me. She is sentimental enough to fall for Saraya’s “Mother Hen” act and doesn’t see that Saraya wants the title herself. Maybe you can only see these things from my position at the top, who knows? In the end, I will do whatever it takes to win. She won’t.

3. Before Bellatrix, you will be facing the matriarch off the Knight Dynasty, Saraya Knight. What do you think will happen in this match?

*Laughing* Well, after what happened at Bellatrix 7, I wouldn’t think an encounter between Saraya and myself will look very sportsmanlike. Saraya is pissed at me for siding with Axl Lynch. Fair enough. I predict this will look less like a wrestling match and more like a bar fight.

4. Despite an injury that sidelined you late last year, you had a solid good year, being ranked #23 on PWI’s Female 50 last year. How do you feel about that accomplishment?

I had a fantastic year against top caliber opponents. Expect more of the same and then some for 2014, and watch me move up that list.

5. Also, you got your long awaited rematch with Cheerleader Melissa at the NCW Femme Fatales in April. Do you think you’ll hold your own against a woman that completely holds a grudge against you?

What, you think I don’t hold an equally large grudge against her? I know what Melissa can do in the ring, and I haven’t been a pushover for her in our previous two encounters. The first time, I got caught in the Kudoh Driver. The second time, I went toe-to-toe with her in a match that broke down in a bare-knuckle brawl that had the whole locker room needed to separate us. This time, I don’t know what will happen. But, as it is an Iron Woman match, we have 30 whole minutes to beat the sh*t out of each other.

6. What have you been up to during your recovery?

Playing a LOT of video games. Which was pretty much all I could do until I was cleared to lift anything. After that, I threw myself back into the gym for rehab and I am feeling very strong.

7. What do you think Bellatrix will be run now that Axl Lynch is at the helm?

Stop kidding yourself. I’m the World Champion. I am at the helm. Axl & I both know that keeping me there is the #1 priority.


8. In closing, do you have a final word for your fans as well as Liberty, Melissa and Saraya?

Come at me.

Special thanks to Courtney for her time for this interview as well as Ms. Saraya Knight and Axl Lynch for their help in the process. To keep up with the Bellatrix World Champion, follow her on Twitter @WinnipeggerRush.

You can follow me on Twitter @matthewhollie and the official Barbwire Blog Twitter @BarbwireBlog

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