Road To Bellatrix 8: Fool Liberty Once, Shame On You


Liberty has proved time and time again she can hang with the best when she beat Queen Maya for the RQW European Ladies Championship. But at Bellatrix 7, it took Sammi Baynes (And a cheap shot from Courtney Rush) to lose it. At Bellatrix 8, she will have to beat Rush for the Bellatrix World Championship and get rid of the “Sentimental Fool” label Courtney unfairly gave her. In her all new interview (Her 1st on the ALL NEW Barbwire Blog, Liberty will not hold back on the Norwich Screwjob and her upcoming match. Without further interruption, here is the interview in its entirety.

1. Can you tell our readers about the match between you and Sammi Baynes?

The match between myself and Sammi Baynes had a very shocking ending. Wrestling her and for the most part the match was very well fought between both of us and just when I thought I was going to maintain my title, Courtney Rush soon changed that. I felt betrayed and so angry.

2. You were on quite a roll last year after beating Queen Maya for the RQW European Ladies Championship. How did that year turn out for you from your point of view?

Overall 2013 has been an amazing year, obviously winning the RQW European championship was a huge honour. At the following Bellatrix, 6 I defended the title against Shanna, which was a privilege, the match was amazing and I successfully defended my belt, coming out on top. When I found out that Courtney Rush wouldn’t be able to compete in Bellatrix 7 I really was gutted! The match didn’t end at all as I thought it would have but, I can’t let that effect me anymore, it’s time to look forward to Bellatrix 8!

3. You will be challenging Courtney Rush for the Bellatrix World Championship on March 2. How are you going to exact revenge on the individual who screwed you over at Bellatrix 7?

I can tell you now I’m not going to take Courtney Rush lightly. She knows full well I’m looking for revenge and if she thinks she can screw me over again she’s got another thing coming! Bellatrix 8 isn’t just about winning that world title anymore, I’m going into that match for a fight, and to prove to myself and all the fans that I’m not going to be made a fool of.

4. What is your take on the state of Bellatrix now that it is run by Axl Lynch?

After what happened at Bellatrix 7 involving Axl Lynch, I know that he can’t be trusted. He had just as much involvement in the end of my match as Courtney Rush and I’ll be making sure at Bellatrix 8 he causes interference whatsoever.

5. What are your goals in Bellatrix by any chance?

My number 1 goal in Bellatrix is to win the World championship of course! After that it will definitely be to defend the title against whoever is willing to take me on, making my way up the ranks and becoming more and more experienced after every match.

6. In closing, do you have  a final comment for your fans as well as Courtney Rush?

For the fans, it really is keep on supporting Bellatrix, you’re all amazing and help us step into the ring knowing you’ll be behind us, cheering us on every step of the way!  And Courtney Rush? You better bring everything you’ve got for March 2nd at epic studios.. As I’m bringing the fight right to you, and that belt is staying in England with me.

Special thanks to Liberty for her time for this interview as well as Saraya Knight and Axl Lynch for their help in the process. To learn more about Bellatrix, check out their Facebook page at and hit the like button. Also check them out on Twitter too @BellatrixFW.

You can follow me on Twitter @matthewhollie and the official Barbwire Blog Twitter @BarbwireBlog

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