Road To Bellatrix 8: Violent Violet


Violet O’Hara would love to turn a match into a violent brawl in seconds, but the Bellatrix Female Warrior has proven that she can hang with the big girls. In a match that was announced by majority shareholder Axl Lynch, she will face Erin Angel for the Bellatrix British Championship. In her new and uncensored interview, Violet talks about the upcoming match and many others.

1. What have you been up to these days in the world of professional wrestling?

After having several shaky months feeling like nothing was clicking into place anymore that I was losing my mojo; I decide to take a little time off….I was just getting so tired and frustrated during this time. I was given a talking some stern talking’s to aka a verbal bitch slap so to speak (Laughs) and given some advice that made a huge difference “you know who you all are “ so i took training sporadically in Norwich and at the NGW Academy in Hull (a school that people should definitely keep an eye on)

I’ve done a few bits and bobs, appearances here and there hopefully this year is the start of something and with any luck there’s more to look ahead for this year but we’ll see 🙂

2. You are involved in the upcoming British Bombshells promotion and are on the current roster. What is it like to work in an up and coming promotion in the UK?

I have indeed, it was a three way match last November between LVD , Lana Austin and myself, its great as it means I get to work with a lot of diverse girls and there are possibilities of some interesting match ups in the future. I’m really enjoying it…I’m fortunate to be working with British Bombshells again this march at Tidal Wrestling (another promotion to keep an eye on) which is the weekend after Bellatrix so that should be fun.

3. Not only you will be involved in the 30 woman rumble, you will be in action against Erin Angel for the Bellatrix British Women’s Championship. What do you expect from both matches?

Yep that’s true. I was shocked when it was announced that i would be facing Erin Angel for the Bellatrix British Championship. I was speechless, I just stared at my computer screen until it sunk in it’s actually happening…it is such a huge opportunity and want to show what I’m capable of. I expect it to be very competitive…I’m going to give it my all and maybe some more.

As for the rumble…30 women and only 1 winner…Every female wrestler that is going to be involved in this match is going to be going in there with one thing in their mind and that’s to be the last women standing in that ring…It’s going to be chaotic…hard hitting, possibly unpredictable, it’s every women for herself…trust no one, it’s anyone’s game. Who ever wins the rumble has to be very smart or incredibly lucky but primarily whoever wins they deserve it…I expect a lot bruises the next morning and I’ll be proud of every single one of them.

And after the show win or lose I’m gonna have some ice cream either to celebrate or commiserate.

4. You have not been in Bellatrix since Bellatrix 6. What did you think about Bellatrix 7 with so much SHIMMER stars?

I actually went to the show and all I can say is what a fantastic night it was everyone upped there game. It was fantastic to see my favourite match of the night was Cheerleader Melissa and Sweet Saraya…The match between Destiny and LuFisto was so entertaining too….it was great meeting some of the SHIMMER stars hopefully I’ll have the privilege to face some of them one day.

5. What do you think Bellatrix will be like under Axl Lynch?

I can’t believe he was the silent partner no one saw that coming…I guess we wait and see what’s in store…What I can say it’ll sure be Interesting. Can we trust him?…It seems really unlikely but I suppose we should give him a chance after all he and Saraya agreed on something…By giving me a shot at the Bellatrix British Title so he can’t be that bad or can he? I guess time will tell.

6. What are your goals in Bellatrix?

Overall My main goal in Bellatrix is to prove that i can be just a bigger threat than any of the other female warriors, my goal is to one day hold the Bellatrix British title and eventually challenge for the RQW European Title. For Bellatrix 8 my goals are compete against Erin angel and attempt to go toe to toe with her….I plan to try and be one of if not the last women standing in the 30 women rumble.. but if I’m going down then I’m taking a few of them with me…Sometimes it the small ones you’ve got to look out for.

6. In closing, would you like to leave a last message for your fans as well as Erin Angel?

To the fans thank you all your continued support it means so much and I hope for those who make it enjoy the show…Thank you for supporting us all at Bellatrix. If you would like to stay updated with what I’m up to  you can check out my fanpage ( or you can also keep up with me on Twitter @lil_MissViolet.

And finally…Erin, this is going to be the biggest match in my career to date and I’m honestly looking forward to facing you…Yes you may have an advantage over me with your experience but that not always everything. I’m bring my all if I’ve got to throw everything at you then so be it. I’m not going to hold back and I believe that you won’t either, so I’ll see you on march 2nd @ epic studios. It’s time that I was stood up to be counted…p.s purple is a much better colour than pink. (Laughs)

Special thanks to Violet for her time for this interview as well as Saraya Knight and Axl Lynch for their help in their process. To keep up with Violet, check out the links on the last question.

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