Road To Bellatrix 8: Laura Cruz Is “Cruz”-ing Along


Laura Cruz is a newcomer in this industry, but she is no push over. She may have to handle the sharks at Bellatrix 8 in the 30 Woman Rumble against the other newcomers and veterans. In her first interview, she will explain her start as well as the upcoming event. Laura may be talented and dangerous in the ring, so here is the interview in it’s entirety.

1. What got you involved in professional wrestling?

After growing up watching WCW and wrestling my older brother, i finally went to see my first live show at the age of 21. I had ringside tickets but still I wasn’t close enough and it was that very moment i realized i was on the wrong side of the barrier; and a couple weeks later i began training.

2. What it’s it like to be involved in women’s wrestling?

It’s invigorating. Often considered a ‘man’s sport’ it is utterly inspiring to gather appreciation from both male and female wrestlers. I get a sense of satisfaction when a crowd is pleased with my work. Female wrestling involves a mix of raw power and femininity; which i believe is a dangerous combination!

3. You made your debut for the World Association of Wrestling, run of course by British wrestling legend “Rowdy” Ricky Knight. What is it like to be involved in such a great promotion?

It’s an absolute honour. The Knight Dynasty are the perfect example of traditional British Wrestling at it’s very finest, so to be a part of their modern day legacy is completely humbling.

4. You will be involved in the 30 Woman Rumble at Bellatrix 8, which is your debut in Bellatrix. What do you expect from that match?

I expect those who were unfamiliar with myself prior to the Bellatrix 8, will certainly not forget who I am after the 30 Woman Rumble.

5. Who are your influences in wrestling?

The list is endless. Chyna, Chris Benoit, Hulk Hogan, Shawn Michaels, Randy Savage, Goldberg, Trish Stratus, Sweet Saraya and Klondyke Kate to name a few.

6. Let’s go around with name association. I say a name, you can respond to whatever you please. Ricky Knight?


7. Axl Lynch?


8. Allison Danger?


9. Mercedes Martinez?


10. Cheerleader Melissa?


11. Saraya Knight?


12. Would you like to wrestle in top US women’s wrestling federations like SHIMMER, SHINE, or WSU (Women’s Superstars Uncensored) in the near future?

Absolutely. It would be a dream come true to wrestle among the greats of female wrestling today.

13. Who is your dream opponent and why?

My dream opponent would be NXT’s Paige. Her work is highly skilled and perfected. A match that would test, educate and inspire me.

14. What does the future hold for you?

Wrestling. I will continue to reinvent myself as a wrestler, an athlete and as a woman in wrestling. I have so much to give to the profession i love, so not a moment will be missed.

15. In closing, would you like to add as final comment for your fans?

Laura Cruz is here to make her mark in professional wrestling. A mark that will never be forgotten.

Special thanks to Laura for her time for this interview as well as Saraya Knight and Axl Lynch for their help in the process. To learn more about Bellatrix, check out their Facebook page at and hit the like button. Also check them out on Twitter too @BellatrixFW.

You can follow me on Twitter @matthewhollie and the official Barbwire Blog Twitter @BarbwireBlog

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