Road To Bellatrix 8: Liberty Vs. Courtney Rush


One cheap shot can make a difference. In Liberty’s case, one punch can screw you over in a heartbeat. When Courtney Rush, the reigning Bellatrix World Champion and sidelined with an injury right before Bellatrix 7, delivered the hard right that ended Liberty’s reign as RQW European Ladies Champion, everything changed when she joined forces with majority shareholder Axl Lynch and the new RQW European Ladies Champion Sammi Baynes.

“The match between myself and Sammi Baynes had a very shocking ending,” Liberty said. “Wrestling her and for the most part the match was very well fought between both of us and just when I thought I was going to maintain my title, Courtney Rush soon changed that. I felt betrayed and so angry.”

Courtney Rush summed it up in her own words; “I managed to be involved in key matches because I am a key player in this game, whether people want to admit it or not. The Bellatrix World Championship is in my possession, therefore I had the right to be at ringside to scout Liberty as my #1 contender, injured or not. Only a fool would let the opportunity to make a statement slip through their fingers, and now both Liberty and Saraya know that I will do what it takes, WHATEVER it takes, to keep the Bellatrix World Championship around my waist.”

For months, the cocky champion has called out both Liberty and Sweet Saraya, even to a point where Courtney called Liberty a “Sentimental fool,” a label Liberty can’t shake off once she beats the Winnipeg Suplex Machine. “Liberty is a fantastic athlete, but I don’t believe she has the cutthroat attitude that I possess, which is required to win and keep a World Championship,” Rush said. “She had never met me before, but was naive enough to trust me. She is sentimental enough to fall for Saraya’s “Mother Hen” act and doesn’t see that Saraya wants the title herself. Maybe you can only see these things from my position at the top, who knows? In the end, I will do whatever it takes to win. She won’t.” When she steps in the ring once again with an angrier Saraya Knight, Rush is still showing signs of cockiness and arrogance. “Well, after what happened at Bellatrix 7, I wouldn’t think an encounter between Saraya and myself will look very sportsmanlike. Saraya is pissed at me for siding with Axl Lynch. Fair enough. I predict this will look less like a wrestling match and more like a bar fight,” Rush adds.

But Liberty is a far cry from a foolish young athlete and has the potential to be the best Bellatrix Warrior today. Rush’s slanderous remarks will not get the best of her. “I can tell you now I’m not going to take Courtney Rush lightly. She knows full well I’m looking for revenge and if she thinks she can screw me over again she’s got another thing coming! Bellatrix 8 isn’t just about winning that world title anymore, I’m going into that match for a fight, and to prove to myself and all the fans that I’m not going to be made a fool of.”

But somewhere along the line Axl Lynch might play a pivotal role in this war, due to the fact that he undercut Saraya as Bellatrix’s boss and Liberty’s distrust in the new face in the front office and in the ring. “Stop kidding yourself. I’m the World Champion. I am at the helm. Axl & I both know that keeping me there is the #1 priority,” Rush says. “After what happened at Bellatrix 7 involving Axl Lynch, I know that he can’t be trusted. He had just as much involvement in the end of my match as Courtney Rush and I’ll be making sure at Bellatrix 8 he causes interference whatsoever,” Liberty states.

Liberty may be good, but the slander is so poisonous it has only one antidote; Putting Courtney Rush out of her misery. At Bellatrix 8, it might just happen. When two of these talented women finally face off, vengeance and retaliation is the theme of this match. Both of these some have come off a tremendous 2013, with Courtney Rush listed #23 on Pro Wrestling Illustrated’s Female 50. “I had a fantastic year against top caliber opponents. Expect more of the same and then some for 2014, and watch me move up that list,” Rush says. Liberty herself has had a fantastic year as well, putting an end to Queen Maya’s reign as RQW European Ladies Champion, and never looked back. “Overall 2013 has been an amazing year, obviously winning the RQW European championship was a huge honour. At the following Bellatrix, 6 I defended the title against Shanna, which was a privilege, the match was amazing and I successfully defended my belt, coming out on top. When I found out that Courtney Rush wouldn’t be able to compete in Bellatrix 7 I really was gutted! The match didn’t end at all as I thought it would have but, I can’t let that effect me anymore, it’s time to look forward to Bellatrix 8!”

The time for talking is done when the bell rings, and these two will put up a huge fight in front of the best fans in England. Will Courtney Rush continue to dominate and go on the road to Open Female Fight Season in the spring, or will Liberty rip the “Sentimental fool” label off her and pull the plug on Courtney Rush’s reign at the top? The answers lie within.

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