Corporate Cowardice


Every fan in the world would hate Triple H for his daily abuse of power these days. After weeks of denying Daniel Bryan a match against him at WrestleMania XXX, it showed wrestling fans that he is indeed a bit of a coward these days. The delusion of Daniel Bryan not a main eventer is practically getting old real quick and in a worse way too. And things are not going to get better.

For wrestling fans, this act of cowardice along with the fact that his wife Stephanie McMahon has to fight his battles for him verbally has reached its boiling point and it could result in some boycotts and people smashing their TV’s like Mick Foley did days after the Royal Rumble. But it won’t help the company if the fans don’t get what they want and suddenly head for the competition at some point. This situation must be handled quickly and easily. A Daniel Bryan/Triple H match at WrestleMania would give the fans some vindication however it might not happen as long as “The Game” displays corporate cowardice and abuse his power each and every single week. But if that match never becomes a reality, expect fans to either throw their television sets out their windows and protest outside arenas nationwide.

It’s funny how things don’t go the fans way after the fact that Daniel Bryan is totally over with the fans, and they all boo the Royal Rumble winner Batista for coming back in an inappropriate time. But I feel bad for the guy because he was completely out of place with a crowd filled with Internet Wrestling Community folks, but at least he’s getting a main event spot at WrestleMania, a spot reserved for Daniel Bryan. I know it’s an ugly situation going on in WWE right now, but in all seriousness, Triple H has weeks to go to correct this or else expect the fans to do some damage to the company in an ugly way.

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