Inside Bellatrix: The New Generation


The landscape of women’s wrestling in England evolved over the years, from Klondyke Kate to Sweet Saraya Knight. But over at Bellatrix, a influx of young talent has exploded onto the wrestling scene; and three of these women are students of Saraya Knight. Liberty, Chanel, and Lady Penelope all showcase their talents to the fans in Norwich and do their best every single time they get in the ring. No matter what the outcome is.

“I first got into professional wrestling from watching WWE on television, having never even heard of it before.. mesmerized I then found out about a local training school (in Yorkshire where I am from), I went there and I think on my second or third lesson I met Julia when she came up to do a seminar. She said I should come down to Norwich to train at WAW, so I did and have been there ever since! I actually ended up moving there a few months later!!” Chanel says about getting involved into professional wrestling.

“Well grew up watching wrestling from a young age, the first time I laid eyes on the business I knew that’s what I wanted to do,” Penelope says. “And the first chance I got, I jumped at the opportunity, so I may 2011 I went down to the World Association of Wrestling and haven’t looked back.”

“ I first got into wrestling through one of my old school friends who was training to wrestle at the time. They took me to a couple of shows and I really enjoyed watching! I then went along to shows that were on every Sunday in Great Yarmouth every week! I was eventually asked if I wanted to start training, and the rest is history!” Liberty says.

These three have evolved over the years and they all learned from the Matriarch of the Knight Dynasty and they get the experience they need to get by in this industry. And they are not shy about their views on the women’s wrestling scene.

“I think it takes some strength and balls to do what we do out there and people love it. It can be brutal but at the same time so rewarding and the adrenaline you feel is like no other. It is the best job in the world and you either love it or you don’t. I always struggled with finding ‘a career path’ but when I found wrestling there was no looking back! This is what I want to do, now and forever,” Chanel says.

“I believe it’s differently got a place in wrestling, there’s definitely more female wrestlers out there more than ever before, the female scene has exploded recently especially for Bellatrix and things can only get bigger and better,” says Penelope.

“Personally I think women’s wrestling is far too unnoticed! It is such a unique sport that sets it aside from any other, but the recognition just isn’t there! Which is why I’m so pleased that Bellatrix is finally getting the recognition that it deserves, and I’m hoping that this is just the start for the company, and women’s wrestling as a whole!” Liberty said.

Through Bellatrix, this generation of stars always appreciate the lessons learned from Saraya Knight herself.

“Its amazing! The girls within Bellatrix are awesome and its an honor and privilege to be trained by Sweet Saraya! I’m so grateful for everything she has done and is doing for us, I hope we make her just as proud,” says Chanel.

“Bellatrix is amazing, I’m so proud to be a part of such a passionate company, things are looking extremely well for this year, and things can only get better, Bellatrix is all I’ve ever known I stuck by Sweet Saraya/Bellatrix because I knew just how amazing this company is and could be. In my mind Bellatrix is the best all female promotion around in the whole of Europe and will vastly be on the risen,” Penelope says.

“Working for Bellatrix and for Sweet Saraya is amazing. She is an exceptional wrestler and a great trainer, and has taught me everything I know today! It is a privilege to say I have met in the ring with her many times, as she is a huge talent, and is now passing on her knowledge to us at Bellatrix,” says Liberty.

But they have been such amazing stars in Europe, but what about the United States, presumably SHIMMER?

“Of course!!! That would be a dream come true. SHIMMER as everyone knows is the biggest women’s federation out there, so that would be an absolute honor. I think if any of us got the opportunity to work for any of those companies it really would be the highest goal we could achieve. I would love to be able to do that one day,” Channel says of the opportunity.

“Yes, everyone has their own goals that they want to reach and one of mine is to make to SHIMMER the biggest female promotion in the world. It’s my main goal it would be amazing to get the chance to work over in the US,” Penelope says.

“Working for SHIMMER is my ultimate goal. Or anywhere in America such as SHINE or WSU for that matter! If I can look back on my career in 10/20 years time, saying i’ve had the chance to work for SHIMMER or Shine, I can definitely say I’ve achieved all my goals,” says Liberty.

I have interviewed all three of these talented ladies and working with them was an honor. I always thanked them for their time for their interviews as well as their teacher/trainer/mother figure/mentor Saraya Knight. This new generation of stars will show their talent to an whole new generation of fans and those fans would love to appreciate their talents.

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