SHIMMER 62 Special Preview: Friends No More


Perhaps the biggest story coming in to SHIMMER 62 is one of the most brutal rivalries this industry has to offer. The reigning SHIMMER Champion and one of the most decorated woman in this industry Cheerleader Melissa goes up once again against the same woman who gave her a crimson mask and made her miss one taping, LuFisto. Both students of Mariko Yoshida have had successful careers in the squared circle, and they have had great matches against one another. This two falls out of three match has just become a brutal, bloody, and more personal affair between the two.

After the events of SHIMMER 57 when the Female Terminator become viciously obsessed with making her legacy known by putting Allison Danger out of her misery and into retirement. During the past tapings however, LuFisto was the one who came to the aid of those Melissa caused damage. At SHIMMER 60, LuFisto not only gotten close to winning the SHIMMER Championship, but she bloodied Melissa to a point where she cannot make a tapping actively. But The charnp would later get her revenge by bailing LuFisto in her match against Mercedes Martinez.

Despite the fact that I have high respect for the two, I will however remain neutral and have no rooting interest whatsoever. These two are some of the best women’s wrestling has to offer and whoever walks out of New Orleans as SHIMMER Champion, I will congratulate the winner and look ahead to the tapings in Berwyn. Will this be the chance for LuFisto to become SHIMMER Champion for quite some time, our will Melissa continue to reign over SHIMMER with her iron fist? The answer lies within.

Visit for classic SHIMMER matches as well as for historic Cheerleader Melissa matches and for the complete LuFisto anthology.

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