RCW SuperShow Preview: Rivalry Renewed


For the first time since 2010, Alissa Flash and Joey Spector face off one on one, but this time, the roles are pretty much reversed this time around. Alissa, venomous and dangerous this time around, has been nothing but the best in women’s wrestling this past year; and Joey reviving the highly popular group The Hardbodies for quite some time now.

The three matches they had were outrageously great for fans of Texas, as well as nationally. Now these two will face off in a “Find The Hidden Titles” match for both Alissa’s RCW Angels Championship and Spector’s Phoenix Championship, something fans never have seen in wrestling. It will be a brawl from the get-go, but whoever walks out of Sideliners Grill as a double champion, it will be an epic, but unusual, encounter.

Also, check out RCW Champion Hernandez; International Champion Masada; a Loser Leaves RCW match between Christian Valenz and Michael Faith and a lot more! Tickets are still available, so visit rcw-wrestling.com for more info.

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