Rebel With A Cause: Why Kat Green Is More Deserving Of The NWA Women’s Championship Than Barbi Hayden


I know I gonna piss a lot of people off, but before I go on with why a young deserving talent should hold on to a title with that much lineage, I want to make this very clear:

This is not an anti-Barbi Hayden article, it is a pro-Kat Green article.

Kat has worked hard in the wrestling scene as of late, a very polished gem from her debut last year. So far, she’s a strong contender for the NWA Women’s Championship, a championship held by the greats like June Byers, The Fabulous Moolah, Debbie Combs, Tasha Simone, MsChif, and Kacee Carlisle. She always does her best, but in the end, she’s always comes up short. And most of those matches feature her and the current NWA Women’s Champion Barbi Hayden.

Don’t get me wrong, I like Barbi as the NWA Women’s Champion, but not at expense of a young talent like Kat. Those matches made Kat look like an amateur against a talent with good looks and talent to go with it, but that’s how it happened. Barbi is still in her 5th year as a wrestler, and she is still improving, but Kat has shown in the past she can hang with the best of them. No wonder the NWA has never put the gold on her.


Barbi has her own brand of confidence, but after one of her matches against Kat, Barbi had the audacity to gloat at Kat, belt raised high, showcasing her trite form.

I don’t mind the confidence, but I do mind the arrogance. And it’s that arrogance that will get Barbi Hayden in a heap of trouble from the Kat-Nation, but that would only make her better. It’s not like she’s invincible, which she it’s not. But she can take the hits and keep coming back for more. Kat can too.

Here’s an excerpt from a write-up on Kat Green earlier this year:

“Kat Green may be a relative newcomer in the wrestling scene, but so far she has improved to be an exciting talent in women’s wrestling. Representing NWA Wrestling Revolution in the Rio Grande Valley in Texas, Green it’s a very talented individual who mirrors her hero in wrestling, the famed Cheerleader Melissa. With her 9 Lives finisher, it’s highly likely that she might become the new NWA Women’s Champion and hold the same belt as the Fabulous Moolah, MsChif, Tasha Simone, and many other women who have held that belt over the years.”

Those words still ring true about a young talent line Kat. I hope the prophesy of her winning the most prestigious title in women’s wrestling well ring true too, if the NWA can open their eyes about her.

My problem with this is that the NWA is making Barbi Hayden the modern-day Mildred Burke, while Kat has to be the modern-day June Byers. Remember, it was Byers herself that beat Burke for the NWA Women’s Championship back in the mid-1950’s and held on to that gold for a long time before The Fabulous Moolah dominated the women’s wrestling scene in the world. If Kat can get the better of Barbi, she can be the rightful champion. If not, we will complain to the entire NWA and to Bruce Tharpe himself that Barbi shouldn’t deserve to be champion. It won’t matter anyway, but the fans voices need tip be heard.


To the NWA, stop putting Barbi Hayden over as the modern-day Mildred Burke. That role has long since been taken by another champion, SHIMMER Champion (as of this writing) Cheerleader Melissa.

To the Barbi Hayden fans, understand why someone is so deserving of a championship reign than your heroine is so important to the entire internet wrestling community it eats them up.


To the Kat-Nation, keep believing that one day, Kat Green will be NWA Women’s Champion. She is championship material, after all.

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