Turning the “Paige” In WWE


If you think bringing Paige up to the main roster is a big mistake, THINK AGAIN.

If you think Jim Ross was right about Paige being called up to early, THINK AGAIN.

If you think Paige would never make an impact on her first night in WWE, you better THINK AGAIN.

Paige has proved time and time again that she is the true “Anti-Diva” of the WWE, and she’ll stop at nothing to prove she’s right there with the best of them. If you look back when she was Brittani Knight, the youngest of the Knights, she learned from the best in the business from her parents, the Barbwire Blog Hall Of Famers “Rowdy” Ricky Knight and “Sweet” Saraya Knight. She was no pushover at all, and she was simply the ace in the hole in women’s wrestling in the United Kingdom. To be at the level she’s on right now, she has everything to fight for.

Once she got the opportunity to be a star in the NXT D-League she was one of, if not, the best on the roster. She was the darling of the fans all over the world as well as the Internet Wrestling Community who wanted to see her called up last year.

But the words WWE Hall Of Famer Jim Ross on his blog has gotten everybody in the IWC pissed off:

“Amazing how when people ask an opinion of a NXT talent and I provide it, then it becomes a manure storm on Twitter because I merely expressed how I felt per their question. Amazing times that we live in, right? I was asked if NXT’s Paige was ready for the next level and I simply said ‘No’ because she was only 20 years old and needed more time in development before being elevated to the main roster. One can’t even rent a car in the USA until they are 25 and, no, I’m not suggesting that the talented Paige will be in development for that length of time. Point is, I am of the belief that 20 year olds don’t belong on the main roster unless it’s a rare exception.”

The words may have put the young gun and the prized student of the former SHIMMER Champion may have been motivational, but she has indeed worked hard to get to where she is right now. But at the age of 21, she deserved to be on the roster, regardless of age. It worked for Kelly Kelly and Kenny Dykstra, both of whom debuted at the age of 19.

Ross would later add:

“My comments regarding my personal opinion regarding the idea age for performers to be called up full time to the main, WWE roster has draw a gambit of responses here on our Q&A section of our website and on Twitter @JRsBBQ. This has zero to do specifically with the talented Paige who I am a major supporter of and feel that she will have a successful run on RAW or Smackdown some day soon but some idiots made it such. No 20 year old, no matter the precedent for any man or woman is generally ready for the non in ring requirements and challenges that go with being a WWE Superstar who tours extensively. The amount of social maturity that comes with life experiences and natural maturity is absolutely necessary. Is it always there or has it always been there over the years with some young talents who have had a variety of issues, some minor and some not so minor? Of course not. Every human being is different and they all handle challenges in their own way and one way to eliminate some of those immature mistakes is to make sure that the talents are socially and emotionally ready to make the road their home.”

As a wrestling fan I always respected JR for his honest opinion, and today’s fans don’t know value of they see one. I always have high praise for Paige for not only being successful in the US, but also making the Knights as well as other British women’s wrestlers proud.

Last night, Paige finally joined the big time, defeating AJ Lee to be the new WWE Divas Champion, the second diva to win a divas crown (Gail Kim won the WWE Women’s Championship in 2003), the third SHIMMER alumna to win the Divas Championship (Beth Phoenix and Natalya win the gold and they both were SHIMMER originals), and the first woman to hold not just the Divas Title, but the NXT Divas Championship simultaneously. It shows she’s earned every accolade and she earned her spot.

To those who think Paige would never be successful as champ, THINK AGAIN!

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