3G Are More Than SHIMMER Tag Team Champions, They Are A Freakin’ Dynasty


You wonder why Kellie Skater and Tomoka Nakagawa (Collectively known as the Global Green Gangsters, or 3G) are that good in SHIMMER these days? Yhey are that damn good. Not only do they hold the record for successful SHIMMER Tag Team Championship defenses, they are #2 in the longest reigning Tag Team Champions in its history. They are a compete dynasty in the promotion and so far, no team has put a stop to this charismatic tag team.

Since taking tag Tag Team gold from the hated Canadian Ninjas (Portia Perez & Nicole Matthews) last year, 3G has been on a major tear, taking on the big competition from Allysin Kay and Taylor Made to Cheerleader Melissa and Mercedes Martinez and winning every time. They are dominating the tag team division in SHIMMER with high energy and charisma, something that’s never been seen in the tag team division in years. While many claim that the momentum is a bit lost because of the lack of competition, you don’t set me complaining. You gotta mix and match the great opponents for 3G to face and somehow be successful. If not, expect a long reign from Kellie and Tomoka. These girls are freaking amazing in the ring.


If someone is capable of knocking the charismatic duo off the tag team pedestal, they gotta bring more than just slingshots and peashooters. They gotta bring heart and they gotta bring talent top be successful. This is a marathon that can keep going as long as it can. This ain’t no sprint. 3G are as good as advertised, and so far, nobody is going to put an end to the high energy run anytime soon.

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