Predatory Reasoning: Why Alpha Female Deserves To Be STARDOM Champion Once Again


Io Shirai has turned back all her challengers for her STARDOM Championship after a strong run with the gold. And she put down several impressive names on her hit list. From Kyoko Kimura to Cheerleader Melissa, she has put up several impressive wins. But there is one person who can pull the plug on the streak, and that is the same person she beat for the championship, Alpha Female.

The German War Machine is extremely motivated to beat Shirai for the gold that everybody failed to do so. Here are the reasons:


1. Committed to excellence in women’s wrestling in worldwide

Dominance. The key word in Alpha Female’s vocabulary has served her great purpose in the wrestling industry and still continue to do so. It started with some bumps and bruises along the way; “It was very hard, I wanted to quit a million times. I cried my eyes out, my body hurts so much and there was nothing I could say that was a pleasure. The first 5 years been really tough, the school treated me bad, but in the end I’m thankful as this made me the person who am I’m today! I meet great people in my life and real trainers like Alex Shane and the guys from the 4FW school. They gave me the knowledge i was missing and I’m still learning,” she said in an interview with Pro Wrestling Powerhouse. She is the true definition of dominance in women’s wrestling in the new millennium.


2. More capable to win it than others

Face it, if Cheerleader Melissa can’t beat Io Shirai, who can?

Alpha is more than capable to put Shirai down and take home the Stardom Championship than Shirai’s opponents in recent months because it is the mean streak she carries is hard to contain. The dominance Alpha Female carries is so unstoppable there is nobody that can contain it. Her battles with LuFisto, Portia Perez and Jessicka Havok has shown fans why she does not back down from anybody and would put anybody on their place if she’s messed with.


3. An amazing skill set

Nobody can work a hard as Alpha Female. Her commitment to putting in the work has gotten her so far in this industry and she hasn’t looked back. Shirai has it easy for far too long but that will change on April 29th when she faces Alpha Female for STARDOM’s top prize. If Alpha Female does the job and beats her, it will be downright amazing for her 13 year career.

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