A Personal Vendetta: WSU Co-Owner DJ Hyde May Have Stripped Jessicka Havok Of The WSU Championship, And It May Cost Him


While WSU Co-Owner DJ Hyde may have to the promotion in his pocket, he sacked one of their best wrestlers for his own sick amusement. Now that Jessicka Havok is no longer their champion, Hyde has the power to name his own champion.

Here is the press release WSU delivered on their Facebook page:

“EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY: Jessicka Havok has been stripped of the WSU World Title and is banned for life from competing in Women Superstars Uncensored. Based on her performance at “Mutiny” in February, Athena has been selected to replace Havok against LuFisto in the main event of ‪#‎QueenAndKing‬ on 5/10 in Voorhees, NJ – a bout which will determine the new WSU World Champion.”

Although the Athena/LuFisto match will be great, the unexpected firing of J-Hav has had a negative response with the fans. How are you gonna strip the most popular star of the one thing she holds dear and have no remorse for it? This is all DJ Hyde’s doing, not fellow co-owner Drew Cordiero. The fact that Jessicka is better than Hyde is to do bigger things outside WSU to simply spite him, even if she doesn’t come back. WSU is in a transition period where the women of CZW showcase their talent and the originals are fading fast in a heartbeat. I feel terrible for Jessicka and hopefully this ban should be lifted soon so she can take it out on Hyde. I tried to get a word from WSU management, so far no response. This is complete cowardice from a man who can’t handle a women’s roster let alone run WSU. DJ Hyde better come up with answers from the fans about this issue or else expect a lot of angry fans to throw just about anything. Whoever wins the WSU Championship on May 10, either if it’s Athena or LuFisto, they may have the belt, but they won’t be the true champion in everybody’s opinion. Jessicka doesn’t need WSU, but on all honesty, WSU needs her. DJ Hyde doesn’t know that and now he’ll pay a very heavy price for it.

Banning Jessicka Havok is not only WSU’s loss, and SHIMMER’s biggest gain.

UPDATE: Sources has tell me that banning Jessicka Havok was of course Drew Cordiero’s idea and not Hyde’s idea. Although the reaction was still negative, still no word from Mr. Cordiero about the issue.

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