A Trio Of Solid Commentaries In One Day

It has been a busy day for me writing top notch commentaries on the Ring Wars Facebook page and I have to say, these are some of my best work as of late. Here are the commentaries on chronological order:

The Cauliflower Alley Club: A REAL Tradition Unlike Any Other

As a Wrestling fan there is one great question that needs to be asked; Which wrestling convention would I go to? There are plenty of good conventions across the United States, but nothing can compare to the great conventions held by the Cauliflower Alley Club. The conventions the CAC has held over the years in nothing short of spectacular when it comes to the annual banquets, meeting wrestling stars of the past and present, and of course great on-ring action. It is truly an amazing atmosphere over there.

Started in 1965 By the late Mike Mazurki and Art Abrams, the CAC reunion events were a once-in-a-lifetime experience for not just young up-and-coming wrestlers and the fans, but also for the veterans of the squared circle to meet some of the best the wrestling industry has to offer. From the historic Hollywood venues of the past to the glamorous Las Vegas of recent years, the CAC has a way of doing big things for their members and fans. From the actual Wrestling events to the dinner it really is an amazing time to be a wrestling fan.

The CAC event is next month, and its going to be an amazing couple of days to be a wrestling fan. To learn more about The Ring Of Friendship, visit caulifloweralleyclub.org for more information. If you’re attending the events, check it out, it is downright amazing. If you’re not attending, you’re missing out on all the fun. If you are planning to attend in the future, see why the Cauliflower Alley Club to quote broadcaster Jim Nantz, is “a tradition unlike any other.”

TNA: The Anti-Alternative

Anybody with half a gnat’s brain would know that TNA is downright unwatchable, right? Considering the mid-card guys will stay in the mid-card, the X-Division is a complete joke, the Knockouts division is a laughingstock of women’s wrestling, and the main event sucks, TNA consistently fails to be original every single time.

The heel turn off one MVP was heavily criticized by the fan; mid card guys don’t have the tools to be big time players; the Tag Team title picture is a mess; and that evening gown match really pissed off the women’s wrestling fanbase, which of course my good pal and fellow columnist Graham Matthews wrote on KayfabeKickout.com; “Any straight man loved this match (and the cameramen must not be straight if they didn’t even bother to follow a stripped Velvet Sky up the ramp). I’m not saying I didn’t enjoy it as a male (who wouldn’t be jealous of that referee?!), but seriously, how was this wrestling? It makes the division look like a laughing stock and it’s hard to take it seriously. Yes, there are stories in the Knockouts division, but matches like this de-legitimize the title and the talented women’s wrestlers.”

I’ll tell you, things like those are not what you want to hear if you’re Dixie Carter. The woman who values everything in TNA, whose mother is the chairwoman of that company, and who has the most power over wrestling decisions in TNA is now the biggest joke in the wrestling world. With the losses of AJ Styles, Sting, Jeff Jarrett, and Christopher Daniels as well as the recent signings of mid card guys to ridiculous deals, TNA has failed in every way during Dixie’s time at the top and it’s declining every step of the way. If you are a wrestling fan who want an alternative to the WWE, TNA isn’t the promotion for you. Lots of people are consistently bashing the current product with ruthless abandon and some people defend it due in part of the storylines. Me, I’m just telling it like it is.

So wrestling fans, there are plenty of alternatives for you to enjoy, like ClickWrestle or ROH. Even Jeff Jarrett’s new promotion in the future.


Three Cheers For LuFisto!

Today is the day the “Oui!” Movement can celebrate now that LuFisto now holds the WSU Championship after it was stripped from Jessicka Havok a few weeks ago. I hope it rebuilds some faith in the frustrated WSU fanbase.

Although winning the SHIMMER Championship is and always will be LuFisto’s goal, this WSU Championship win serves some purpose as LuFisto heads into August 16th to capture another title: the NCW Femme Fatales Championship. LuFisto has been a fighting champion throughout her life and battled back from a stroke a few years ago. She has earned everybody’s respect throughout her entire career and deserved every championship she has won over the years.

So hats off to “The Super Hardcore Anime” LuFisto on winning one of women’s wrestling’s crown jewels, the WSU Championship.

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