Sam Stacey: Future Wrestler, Future Legend


Sam Stacey with Bacardi

Kids like Sam Stacey have always have one goal these days, and that is learn how to become a professional wrestler. At 15, this remarkable young man will get his training during the summer and work his craft with some of the best Britain has to offer. Perhaps one day the young man will be likely become a favorite to win our newest award, The Melissa Anderson Future Legend Award in the near future.

In this interview, Sam will discuss his future as a wrestler and other topics. This is honesty at its finest, so without any interruption, here it is.

Here are new questions:

1. Why do you want to be a professional wrestler?

Well, I really do love the sport, I’ve been a fan for ages, like WWE etc, I’ve had so much support to get into the business!

2. What got you involved in professional wrestling?

Basically I was like 10, me and my mum was watching TV, she was flicking through the channels and saw ‘TNA Wrestling’ and I loved it.

3. As you told me earlier, you will be getting your wrestling training in August. What inspired you to get training at a young age?

I’ve always loved wrestling but it wasn’t until November 2012 when I saw my fist indy show I thought I wanna be a wrestler! I was 12 years old; I’m 15 now.

4. Can you tell our readers where you’ll get your training?

I haven’t made anything official yet, But hopefully Progress in London.

5. What are your goals in this business?

Win championships! – wrestle for big companies!

6. Who are your biggest influences in wrestling?

So many, I mean I love female wrestling & I’ve had. I support Bacardi, Kay Lee Ray & Bete and Viper to name a few.

7. What is your take on wrestling today?

I think wrestling, its an amazing sport! So many things to learn and it’s amazing!

8. Do you watch the WWE product or the TNA Product?


9. Would you like to face the likes of John Cena or Kevin Steen in the near future?

Kevin Steen! It would be a good match!

10. Would you like to work independently in the minors or do you want to be in the big companies?

Start of indepdent then go on to the main stage!

11. Do you think wrestlers who wrestle at a very young age will have some problems along the way?

When they get started yes, because they might think “Oh I wanna do this” but after your first training session you’ll realise you don’t want to do it.

12. What does the future hold for you?

Keep supporting & I’ll see you in the ring as “Storm”!

13. Is the ring name “Storm” going to be used by you once you enter the world of professional wrestling?

Maybe, As a friend told me before you shouldn’t look far into the future, worry about training from now on to decide names.

14. In closing, would you like to leave a last word to your supporters?

Thank you so much for the support so far; Keep supporting!

Big thanks to Sam for his time for this interview. I wish him nothing but luck in his training in the future.

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