Road To Bellatrix IX: Who Will Be The Queen Of The Ring?


Bellatrix IX will shape up to be a great event this coming weekend, and with the Queen Of The Ring tournament returning, it’s going to be a great one. Here are the previews of the match-ups that will take place:

Saraya Knight vs. Bacardi

For many years, Sweet Saraya Knight had been and always a grand fixture of women’s wrestling in the UK. A former SHIMMER Champion and a Bellatrix original, Saraya has the tools necessary to be a necessary force in UK women’s wrestling. Her victories against Destiny, Carmel Jacob, and Lady Penelope has proven that she has become successful with the next generation of Bellatrix girls. But with competition looming large, an worthy foe awaits the challenge.

Bacardi is no slacker in the ring and is a staight-shooting athlete in the women’s wrestling scene. Her appearance in the 30 Woman Rumble had proven she can hang tough with all the newcomers and veterans of the British women’s wrestling scene.

The match top determine who moves on will be nothing but catastrophic for one individual, and one more mountain to climb for another.

Destiny vs. Erin Angel

The reigning Queen Of The Ring will have her work cut out for her as Destiny looks to repeat as the back-to-back Queen Of The Ring winner this year. A Bellatrix mainstay, she has history with some of the best names in women’s wrestling; Saraya Knight, LuFisto, Skarlett, Lady Lory, even Alpha Female has crossed paths with the hard hitting women’s athlete from the UK.

Erin Angel has had a tremendous year last year, beating Rhia O’Reilly to become the Bellatrix British Women’s Champion and held on to the gold until Violet O’Hara beet her to become the new champion. Erin shouldn’t be shaken up after that, as she needs to be focused to be the next Queen Of The Ring.

Expect this match to go either way, but it might not be easy to dethrone Destiny. If Erin can do the impossible, expect a clear road ahead.

Lady Lory vs. Lady Penelope

A decorated champion throughout her 11 year career, Lady Lory has proven time and time again she is one of women’s wrestling’s elite athletes hailing from Europe. Her return to Bellatrix was met with optimism but I with heartbreak as well as she was eliminated from the 30 Woman Rumble by Blue Nikita. Now that she’s back to square one, she now has the opportunity to become this year’s Queen Of The Ring.

Penelope is one of the faces of the new generation of Bellatrix for quite some time, and she has one amazing ride. From facing Alpha Female to battling her mentor Saraya Knight, the young gun of the Bellatrix family has the chance to be the newest Queen Of The Ring this year. If she plays hand she has got the biggest victory to date.

While these two are familiar with one another, don’t expect this to be a bar room brawl, look for scientific moves and lots of countering to get this match flowing.

Liberty vs. Skarlett

Another face of the new generation happens to be the reigning Bellatrix World Champion Liberty, who has faced the odds against the cunning Courtney Rush to be the new champion earlier this year. A former RQW European Ladies Champion, Liberty knows she can be under the pressure in minutes and still be better while under the pressure. A girl with high expectations, Liberty does not back down from a fight and always finds new ways to Wynn every time.

Skarlett is not your typical women’s wrestler. She may be tough and may be brutal, but boy is she dangerous to be in the ring. Once the Skarlett’s Web is locked in, there is no escaping it. A decorated champion throughout her career, Skarlett can utilize mind games over her opponent and most likely steal a win. She’ll do whatever it takes to be on top.

Now that the title isn’t on the line, it is an huge opportunity for Skarlett to upset the current champion. For Liberty, the opportunity to be Queen Of The Ring is right here, right now.

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