May 24th was the day history was made. For the first time in 42 years women’s wrestling made it’s mark in New York City. And VALKYRIE has had lots to prove to the fans that they were making their mark in the history books. With the success of SHIMMER in the midwest, NCW Femme Fatales in Canada, Women’s Superstars Uncensored in the northeast, SHINE in Florida and ChickFight in California; VALKYRIE can make their own mark in the tri-state area and dominate the region with their brand of talent that have people buzzing. Ever since WSU left the New York area to run their shows in southern New Jersey, women’s wrestling was completely obsolete in the area. When VALKYRIE made their debut it resurrected the history of women’s wrestling in the New York area and willing to make their own mark.

Previously on VALKYRIE…

On that night VALKYRIE Womens Professional Wrestling held the first ever all-womens wrestling event in New York City, also crowning a victor in the first International Joshi Grand Prix. In the opening round of the IJGP, the fans saw the brilliant technique of Hania the Howling Huntress won out over the arrogance of Cherry Bomb, ranked #28 on Pro Wrestling Illustrated’s Female 50. Also, La Rosa Negra’s aggression and her entourage of Ejecutivo Jorge Estrella and Secretaria Personal Debbie pinned the Bronx’s own Amber Rodriguez. The power of “The Baddest Woman on the Planet” and former SHIMMER participant Bonesaw Jessie Brooks defeated the rookie Davienne – who, to her credit, despite the severe beating she took, got up after each vicious blow. Talk about getting knocked down and getting back up. And top wrap up the first round the veteran of the ring wars Sumie Sakai beat the psychotic yet mystifying Mistress Belmont.

After intermission, Fighting Spirit Wrestling regular and local degenerate Kris Rex hopped the guard rail and attempted to hijack the show, badmouthing women’s professional wrestling. Bad move for a guy who doesn’t take women’s wrestling seriously. Nyla the Destroyer came out and destroyed him with not one, not two, but THREE powerbombs amid chants of “ONE MORE TIME” and “BREAK HIS NECK!” That’s what he gets for being a loudmouth.

In the IJPG semi-finals La Rosa Negra and her business entourage played the numbers game to defeat Hania the Howling Huntress; while Sumie Sakai’s experience and strong ring generalship snuck out a victory against Bonesaw Jessie Brooks in a back and forth encounter that many felt was reminiscent of a mixed martial arts match, which is no surprise given both’s background.

In a non-tournament challenge match, former NWA Women’s World Champion Kacee Carlisle pulled out all the stops to defeat Jessie Belle Smothers, who replaced the injured Mickie Knuckles who was sidelined with an ankle injury. You can bet that the power of Kacee Carlisle reigned supreme after that match.

In the main event for the finals of the IJGP, Sumie Sukai was able to overcome the odds (La Rosa Negra’s corporate entourage) and pinned La Rose Negra to become the first winner of the International Joshi Grand Prix!

On May 24th VALKYRIE Womens Professional Wrestling rose from the underground. On July 19th at the Ludus Wrestling Center the fans well see the ascent of one ofthe most talked about women’s wrestling promotions in the USA. And it features matches you have never seen before until now. Let’s take a look at the matches staying with the main event:

Kacee Carlisle vs. LuFisto (First Time Ever)

Two of women’s wrestling’s most high impact wrestlers finally collide flee the first time in their careers as Kacee Carlisle, the former NWA World Women’s Champion faces off against the well traveled veteran of 17 years, the one and only LuFisto; who is the reigning WSU Champion. Kacee’s tough as nails when it comes to wrestling, and her string of opponents range from the legendary Tasha Simone to the talented Barbi Hayden. She brings everything to the table and doesn’t hold back. LuFisto on the other hand has had her fair share of opponents, from Kalamity to Mercedes Martinez and from Saraya Knight to Cheerleader Melissa. A former NCW Femme Fatales Champion, LuFisto brings her hardcore style and high impact moves even her mentor Mariko Yoshida proud. This will be a terrific match to say the least, between LuFisto’s hard hitting strong style and hardcore tactics and Kacee Carlisle’s old school southern style and power moves, it’ll absolutely be a super clash between two of women’s wrestling’s most dangerous athletes.

Kimber Lee vs. Cherry Bomb (The Kimber Bombs Collide)

Cherry Bomb and Kimber Lee are not only great competitors, they are gifted assets to.VALLYRIE. For the first time ever, this one-on-one meeting of Kimber and Cherry will have people talking about it and it will be especially interesting given how they regularly team together as the Kimber Bombs in both SHIMMER and SHINE. This will be Kimber Lee’s debut with the company and hopefully it will be a great one.

“La Abusadora” La Rosa Negra (with Ejecutivo Jorge Estrella y Secretaria Personal Debbie) vs. Nevaeh

La Rosa is as charismatic and generally loud as she is tough, with the help of her associates she is taking on veteran Nevaeh who is making her debut with the company. Nevaeh if anybody doesn’t know is a full fledged member of the stable #OI4K and has completely dominated the Midwest and northeast women’s wrestling scene for quite a while. A former SHIMMER Tag Team Champion with current TNA Knockout Madison Rayne, she brings the championship pedigree to VALKYRIE.

Angel Dust vs. IJGP Winner Sumie Sakai

People expect this will have the most heavily Joshi-influenced style of the matches, as Angel Dust makes her debut vs. IJGP winner from VALKYRIE I, Joshi vet Sumie Sakai. Angel Dust is one of women’s wrestling’s most talented stars in the Midwest and brings a high-flying skill set to VALKYRIE. Look for that to be a big factor in the match against a Joshi veteran like Sumie Sakai.

“The Baddest Woman on the Planet” Bonesaw Jessie Brooks vs. Samantha Heights

Bonesaw has been on a path of destruction the past several months, many comparing her to a young Taz. Her style is heavily MMA and joshi influenced, with a strong striking and ground game, very suplex oriented. Samantha is an upstart talent from the Ohio area making her VALKYRIE debut. From what I have heard about her she brings a hard work ethic and a solid moveset. Is it enough to take down the Bonesaw? No one knows for sure.

Mistress Belmont vs. Davienne

Last month at VALK1 Davienne had a match against Bonesaw. She may have lost, but most describe it as a moral victory. Despite the punishment absorbed, she always got back to her feet until she was physically unable to do so. In that match she was the human elevator, getting knocked down and getting back up every time. Davienne is still finding herself out there, but she has plenty of heart. Mistress Belmont on the other hand is the definition of bizarre, a veteran rulebreaker with a very unorthodox look and style, and those are very big factors. These two have an on-going rivalry in the New England area.

Also, Nyla The Destroyer will appear at the event. But what tulle well she play?

There will be a special Meet and Greet 6PM-7PM (Which includes GA Ticket) and the doors will be open at 7PM for the event to start and the bell time is at 8PM so prepare for one heck of a night of great women’s wrestling in NYC. And like other wrestling promotions, the card is subject to change at any time. To keep up with VALKYRIE, visit their website at They can also be found on social media as well; and

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