The Barbwire Blog Midseason Report: Io Shirai Is Riding Very High


All this month The Barbwire Blog will deliver the midseason report of the best wrestlers from all over the world. Consider this our midseason report card. Let’s begin with one of Japan’s prized joshis out there, shall we?

A year has gone by and so far in STARDOM, nobody has been able to take down the prosperous reign of Io Shirai. Yes, folks; the same Io Shirai who in 2012 was charged with drug smuggling and was later cleared due in part of a confession of Takuya Sugi, who planted the drugs in exchange for a contract extension with the Mexico-based AAA. But let’s go back to Shirai’s midseason report. Io defended against some stiff competition against Natsuki Taiyo, Cheerleader Melissa, Alpha Female (whom Io beat on order to win the STARDOM Championship), Star Fire and Takumi Iroha; and she beat the best, solidifying herself as one of the best women’s wrestlers in the world even with the scandal still looming over her head.

In order to escape the black cloud, Io vowed to break the record for longest title reign in STARDOM, while at the same time breaking her record for successful title defenses at 9. As of this writing, Io has an astonishing 428 days under her belt as STARDOM Champion and hopefully it doesn’t stop there.


What I would like to see is Io Shirai making her United States debut with SHIMMER in the near future. She’s a joshi fan favorite and one of the most high-flying stars on the women’s wrestling scene. Look for Io Shirai to dominate Japan for years to come and hopefully make her debut in the US real soon.

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