The Barbwire Blog Midseason Report: The Rollercoaster Ride Never Ends For LuFisto


Imagine you’re one of the best women’s wrestlers in the world for over 15 years and you have been given a title from your home promotion for all the hard work and dedication you out in for more than a decade. Imagine you are not given an opportunity to hold another promotion’s top title because you don’t have the tenure to be trusted to win it. Imagine you have to put up with a crooked promoter who doesn’t pay you but you put on the best shows possible. Imagine you are given a chance to win a title because the former titleholder was stripped from it and banned. LuFisto has that luxury, despite some bumps and bruises along the way, but she made the most of it with her best work in her 17 year career.

Even when she lost to Cheerleader Melissa for the SHIMMER Championship (Twice!), LuFi teamed up with Kana to take down the Two Woman Power Trip consisting of Melissa and Mercedes Martinez and they have succeeded. After making Nevaeh tap out she still demanded to get another shot at the one belt that has eluded her for so long. But Melissa stayed to get another shot, she had to work from the bottom, and unfortunately that was the bitter pill for LuFisto to take. After attempting to screw Melissa out of keeping the gold, Yumi Okha kicked the living nightmare out of “The Super Hardcore Anime” for trying to aid her in her match and costing her an opportunity to win it fairly. Let’s just say that attempt blew up in LuFisto’s face. The following volume LuFisto took on Yumi but this time as a heel, something you don’t see in LuFisto. But when she lost the match, Saraya Knight showed everyone just how diabolical she is by taking apart her trusted pal Pegaboo one by one, and LuFisto retaliated. The battle raged on with LuFisto picking up the win against Saraya (With an assist from Kevin Harvey) but if history has shown us, it might not be over yet between “The Super Hardcore Anime” and “The English Rose.”


While in the new WSU, she does in with the culture change and boy did it pay off in spades. Her first encounter with “The Wrestling Goddess” Athena was one of the best matches she has put on in her career and although the second one did not live up to the hype, LuFisto won the vacant WSU Championship, which was vacated after the promoters banned it’s biggest star Jessicka Havok for life. Although there are critics who say that LuFisto is not a real champion because she won under controversial circumstances, she has that opportunity to prove the critics wrong.

In her home promotion NCW Femme Fatales LuFi took on the best prospect from Scotland in Nikki Storm and she beat her. Later she got involved with a brawl between herself, Cheerleader Melissa, Mercedes Martinez, and Courtney Rush; and now she has to face all three of them for the NCWFF Championship on August 16th.

Along the way, she participated in the Hardcore Roadtrip show along with Jewells Malone, Jazz, and Leah Von Dutch; but they were left stranded and unpaid by a sleazeball promoter. However they were able to get transportation and some help from generous fans who supported her throughout the ordeal.


In addition to the fatal four-Way at NCWFF, LuFi had to deal with Mickie Knuckles on July 12 for the WSU Championship A’s the following week take on the rough and tough Kacee Carlisle in Brooklyn flee VALKYRIE II. But even out comes to SHIMMER, look for her to keep climbing the mountain until she reaches the very top, even though there might be someone who might knock her down a few pegs. LuFisto has a never say never attitude and look for that to be a major factor in the second half of the year.

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One thought on “The Barbwire Blog Midseason Report: The Rollercoaster Ride Never Ends For LuFisto

  1. I’ve watched Lufistofor years now and was always impressed with her skill and courage to take on any and all comers but over the last few year’s, in my opinion, she has degenerated into no more than a cheap shot artist. She resorts to biting, crotch grabbing, nipple twisting(someone should try twisting her nips off), etc and seems to enjoy inflicting as much pain on her opponents as she can. She then uses her cutsie little facial expressions to make herself look innocent. Sadly she is no longer the impressive wrestler she once was. She has always been a vicious battler but now she is vicious and dirty.

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