The Barbwire Blog: The Good Times Are Still Rolling With Barbi Hayden


The reigning National Wrestling Alliance Women’s World Champion Barbi Hayden has always had a target on her back ever since she won the title from Kacee Carlisle and so far she’s doing a great job of defending it and the most out of the situation she’s in. If this keeps up, Barbi will have a solid year and a solid favorite to win the best independent women wrestler of the year this year on The Barbwire Blog. With her Halo DDT being the effective finisher in her arsenal, who would blame her?

While defending the belt as well as her loyalty to the NWA but also defends the ACW Anarchy Televised Championship as well. Defending the NWA Women’s World Championship against the likes of Santana Garrett (Brittany in TNA), Kat Green, Miss Diss Lexia, Portia Perez and many others helped put Barbi Hayden on the women’s wrestling map. While she may have won fans over as being the NWA’s darling since the days of the late Mildred Burke and the Fabulous Moolah, she has her fair share of critics along the way. Because I have respect for Barbi being a champion, she has earned my criticism in the past.


Hopefully in the second half we get to see Barbi shine as the NWA Women’s World Champion, but at what cost. Are fans getting tired of the NWA’s prized women’s wrestler in practically decades? I hope not, because she has never faced off against the top tier women’s wrestlers in the world to have the credibility of holding the belt, but she has the ability and the right to prove the people who doubt her wrong. Can this be the year Barbi Hayden be at the top of the women’s wrestling food chain? Like they always say; “You never know what to expect.”

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