The Barbwire Blog Midseason Report: All Hail Lady Lory


Lady Lory has her share of victories and defeats, but regularly she has seen her fair share of victories in the first half of the year. A current Europe Catch Tour Association Women’s Champion, she has plenty of victories to her credit and so far the more victories she earns, the more respect she has gained.

During her return to Bellatrix, she has competed in the 30 Woman Rumble to determine the #1 Contender for Sammi Baynes’ RQW European Ladies Championship and and was the last woman eliminated by Blue Nikita. But she did capture Bellatrix’s Queen of the Ring crown, but that drew the ire of the previous Queen of the Ring winner Destiny. But the fighting pride of Belgium has said so herself; “I always keep my word. And mark my words, Destiny and I are far from done!” So far the war of words is far from over between Destiny and Lady Lory.


For the second half to go well as planned, Lady Lory must prove she’s the better woman in the ring and show Destiny she is by far the better woman in this heated war. Expect great things from Lady Lory in the coming months.

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