The Barbwire Blog Midseason Report: The Amazing Mia Yim


Mia Yim is far from being a project player, she is the complete package in women’s wrestling. The Package Piledriver and the Sky-Yim are the be all and end all in any match she’s in; and the first half of the year has some bumps on the road, but all in all its a smooth road so far.

In SHINE, she’s one half of the Lucha Sisters with Leva Bates and the duo were the inaugural Tag Team Champions. These girls were fighting champions up until they were screwed by Legendary (Malia Hosaka & Brandi Wine) at SHINE 20. But look for them to capture the belt again in the immediate future.

While in SHIMMER, Mia gotten wins over Hikaru Shida, Mercedes Martinez and Ray; but couldn’t get pay the reigning SHIMMER Champion Cheerleader Melissa. The first four tapings of the year solidifies Mia as a main event player and a constant threat for the SHIMMER Championship every time.

In addition, Mia is also featured in TNA being involved with the Knockouts Knockdown PPV for the second year in a row. Mia is  one of the best women’s wrestlers available today and one of the most skilled with a solid shot at a contact with one of the big two in the future.

How well will Mia handle the second half of the year? The same way she handled the first half, with a whole lot of intensity and dedication.

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