The Barbwire Blog Midseason Report: Sammi Baynes On The Rise


Sammi Baynes in the first half of the year is off to a tremendous start and is considered one of the favorites for the Barbwire Blog’s Independent Women’s Wrestler Of the Year. Along with Bellatrix’s Majority Shareholder Axl Lynch and now Penelope has joined the ranks, the RQW European Ladie’s Champion is profoundly dominant as well as resourceful in her opportunity to be World Champion of Bellatrix, but that will be difficult now that the same woman whom she beat for same belt has the top gold in Bellatrix.

At Bellatrix 8, Sammi battled one of the most premiere women’s athletes from Greece, the feared and revered Blue Nikita; and of course with help of Axl Lynch, Sammi Baynes pulls out a win. At Bellatrix IX, she and Nikita had one more go around but this time it ended in a draw. This coming September the two will battle it out once again in the steel cage.


Ever since returning to the squared circle she has been on a trail of success. Look for her to become more dominant in the second half of the year and hopefully for years to come.

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