Jesus Christ, They Turned Damien Sandow Into A Comedy Act!


It’s not easy to say this, but after watching RAW in the past weeks, I saw the most disturbing thing I have ever seen in my two years of covering the sport and over twenty years of watching it: Damien Sandow being dressed up like a buffoon on national television. And quite frankly, it’s hard to see that the WWE did not take this guy seriously by pushing him up to the main event and then bury him to be this clown. This is practically disturbing.
The guy practically is just too talented to be looking like a doofus inside the ring and keep doing this week after week after week. The fact that this company is keeping him around despite his displeasure towards his position in WWE it’s because they need the talent. But quite frankly, to lose each and every week it makes him extremely displeased because of the antics this company forces him too do. What I saw in the past few weeks wasn’t the “Intellectual Savior Of The Masses,” I saw a clown dressing up as Magneto, LeBron James, even Vince McMahon among a few he portrayed. And this getting ridiculous every damn week.
If he keeps up this charade, expect Damien to boot WWE sometime in the coming months because the fans don’t want to see him as a clown, they want to see him as a wrestler. To watch him take this because the McMahon’s are mocking him to be a total failure makes me sick of the product. This is not 1985. It’s either time for a change or time to get out of Dodge. All I know is this; If he can find another place to work that can utilize him and maximize his potential to be a great in this industry, more power to him. But if he keeps up at this rate, don’t expect him to dress up as anybody anytime soon.

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