The Barbwire Blog Midseason Report: Ivelisse Hunts Down The Competition…And Takes Them Out


Ivelisse Velez is one of women’s wrestling’s most talented gems on the independent curcuit. A former NXT Diva and a TNA Knockout hopeful, Ivelisse has been nothing short of phenomenal in the first half of the year, and make no mistakes about it, she holds her own pretty well.

Ivelisse began the year as a member of Valkyrie, a villianish faction of women’s wrestlers in SHINE led at the time Rain. But this time, Valkyrie was crumbling when the two battled it out at SHINE 16 to see who walks away with the SHINE Championship. A Fingerpoke Of Doom there and Ivelisse’s Code Red there, and there you have it, Ivelisse is the new SHINE Champion. But she was kicked out of Valkyrie and was given a beatdown in the process, but “The Huntress” went from one of the hated to one of the most popular. Ivelisse went on to defend the gold against the likes of Mercedes Martinez, Jazz, and the newest leader of Valkyrie Serena Deeb; with the war with The Deeb-ious One going the distance at SHINE 20. As a fighting shampion, everything is virtually limitedless with this star rising her way to the top.

What’s next on the agenda for Ivelisse? Who knows? But whatever happens, she’s a fighter with a strong heart and a Puerto Rican fire.

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