The Barbwire Blog Midseason Report: All That Sass


Sassy Stephie is just that…Sassy, and her 1st half of the year was on a shaky ground, but it’s found its footing when she won the Remix Pro Wrestling Fury Championship earlier this year. But let’s be honest, when you have 7 years under your belt and have such medium success, but after the past few years of success, Sassy Stephie has found her niche in professional wrestling.

For a better part of this year, the Sassy One paired up with Jessie Belle and Nevaeh to form the S-N-S Express in SHINE and so far, they split up the American Sweethearts (Santana Garrett & Amber O’Neal), and regularly become solid contenders for the SHINE Tag Team Championships; but they always end up on the losing end of the spectrum. But this trio should really make some real noise in the division, and look for them to be top contennders in the months to come.

As a singles competitor, she has some strength in that department. In April of this year, Sassy Stephie beat not one, but two of women’s wrestling’s top names in Cheerleader Melissa and Athena to capture the Remix Pro Wrestling Fury Championship after it was vacated by Hailey Hatred. This is her second go around with the belt after her first reign was extremely short. She also has solid victories against Angie Skye and Kaela in the first half of the year. expect her to come out swinging in the second half.


What would the second half be like for Stephie now that she has some momentum going? It’s going to be a lot more difficult from this point forward, but in Sassy Stephie’s case, she wouldn’t care about the critics, she’s out there to kick ass, and to her that’s all that matters.

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