Dave Meltzer: Keyboard Warrior

When you hear the name Dave Meltzer, you hear nothing but his own piece of work “The Wrestling Observer Newsletter.” But when you also hear the name Dave Meltzer, you’ll hear nothing but rumors and inside information, and it pisses every member of the Internet Wrestling Community right off the bat.

Sure he has been in the business since most of us were in diapers or teenagers from the 1980s, and he was instrumental in creating the WON Hall of Fame; but in this time and age, there are plenty of disgusted individuals who believe that Meltzer’s meddling will not only infuriate the entire IWC, but in this business in general. Take it from me; I sure didn’t want to be a dirty sheet scumbag like him during my time with the wrestling mega-site The Online World of Wrestling, but due to a few misunderstandings, I was kicked out, forcing me to go back to writing for other sites, particularly Wrestle Enigma and Pro Wrestling Powerhouse. Boy, did that ever work out.

Words of advice, folks: Never, under any circumstances, be a dirt sheet scumbag like Dave Meltzer.

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