Road To Valkyrie II: Jorge Estrella Suspended Indefinitely

A couple of weeks ago, VALKYRIE sent out a release regarding La Rosa Negra’s Executive Manager Jorge Estrella:

After reviewing footage of VALKYRIE I: International Joshi Grand Prix, officials have determined to suspend La Rosa Negra’s Ejecutivo de Los Abusadores Internacional, Jorge Estrella, indefinitely for the behavior he conducted and the actions that took place at the event on May 24th.

VALKYRIE Womens Professional Wrestling does not condone any form of poor sportsmanship or cheating and we look forward to continuing our efforts towards beginning a modern renaissance for womens professional wrestling.

We applaud the management of VALKYRIE for handling the situation with class and hopefully things will be irioned out in the future.

Here’s Mr. Estrella’s reaction to the suspension here:

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