The Barbwire Blog Midseason Report: A Midseason “Knight”-Mare


In the midseason, we see that the Knight ladies: Saraya and her daughter Paige; show why they’re  dominant in the womens wrestling scene. While Saraya is tearing it up in the indy scene in the UK and beyond, Paige has been turning heads

Paige has proved time and time again that she is the true “Anti-Diva” of the WWE, and she’ll stop at nothing to prove she’s right there with the best of them. If you look back when she was Brittani Knight, the youngest of the Knights, she learned from the best in the business from her parents, the Barbwire Blog Hall Of Famers “Rowdy” Ricky Knight and “Sweet” Saraya Knight. She was no pushover at all, and she was simply the ace in the hole in women’s wrestling in the United Kingdom. To be at the level she’s on right now, she has everything to fight for.

For many years, Sweet Saraya Knight had been and always a grand fixture of women’s wrestling in the UK. A former SHIMMER Champion and a Bellatrix original, Saraya has the tools necessary to be a necessary force in UK women’s wrestling. Her victories against Destiny, Carmel Jacob, and Lady Penelope has proven that she has become successful with the next generation of Bellatrix girls. But with competition looming large, an worthy foe awaits the challenge.


In April of this year, Paige finally joined the big time, defeating AJ Lee to be the new WWE Divas Champion, the second diva to win a divas crown (Gail Kim won the WWE Women’s Championship in 2003), the third SHIMMER alumna to win the Divas Championship (Beth Phoenix and Natalya win the gold and they both were SHIMMER originals), and the first woman to hold not just the Divas Title, but the NXT Divas Championship simultaneously. It shows she’s earned every accolade and she earned her spot. She was a fighting champion until she lost the gold to the same woman she beat for the Divas Title in the first place, AJ Lee.


Saraya on the other hand has shown why she was the fierce lioness of Bellatrix and one of women’s wrestling’s most recognized legends. While she found some heavy-handed victories over Tomoka Nakagawa, Penelope, Kellie Skater and Courtney Rush, she suffered pretty ugly defeats from Ivelise in a match for the SHINE Championship, Sweet Cherrie in Canada, LuFisto in one of the most brutal matches in SHIMMER history, and Lady Lory in the Bellatrix Queen Of The Ring.

For the second half look for the Matriarch of The Knight Dynasty and the Anti-Diva to resurrect their past accopmplishments and prove why the are the dominant family,;whether it’s Paige in WWE or Saraya in the UK; and show the world how aggressive they can be.

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