Vendetta Pro Wrestling Joins The NWA Family


For the first time since Championship Wrestling From Hollywood left the National Wrestling Alliance, the NWA has announced earlier today that Vendetta Pro Wrestling will now join the historic organization. It’s a big opportunity for VPW to bring the legacy of the NWA back to Southern California. It’s gonna be easy, but with the NWA’s backing, expect great things from this promotion under the historic banner of the NWA.

Under the leadership of Bruce Tharpe, the NWA has helped build a strong working relationship with New Japan Pro Wrestling and help solidify themselves as the premiere wrestling organizations in the Southwest United States. The state with the most promotions under the NWA banner are NWA Branded Outlaw Wrestling, NWA Texoma, NWA Houston, NWA 360, NWA Top Of Texas, NWA Wrestling Revolution, and NWA Inspire Pro Wrestling. When it comes to great action, there is no place like the NWA for the best wrestling around and hopefully VPW will bring the magic back to California.

Now I wonder if the NWA returned to New York because the state hasn’t had one since last year.

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