After watching TNA in God knows how long, there was one sight I never thought I see again; TNA’s famed 6 Sided Ring. It is back and boy is it better than ever.

That is what set TNA apart. The fans have asked for it, and now they got it. Four years ago, Hulk Hogan abolished took that ring and he turned it into a square, which angered the TNA traditionalists. But his promo about the six-sided ring at the 2010 Genesis PPPV, he said the following:

You know, I got one thing to say about six sides: you had it, and it only got you so far. Now we are taking you all the way, jack. No more eight sides, no more six sides, no more stinking play-pin rings. This is where Professional Wrestling was meant to be done, this is where we shed our blood, sweat and tears. And we are changing it whether you like it or not, because this is where Professional Wrestling was born.

The six-sided ring was unique in many ways; more turnbuckles to inflict a whole lot of damage, more space in the ring, and it provides plenty of high-risk opportunities from all angles, and that is what makes TNA the alternative to the other promotions. Although there are a lot of detractors about the six-sided ring due to health risks and difficult to utilize high-risk moves from the top rope, there are plenty of fans who want to see this staple of TNA back in some form. Guys like Ethan Carter III and Austin Aries were very vocal about the risks of the six-sided ring, staying that they prefer four sides over six sides. But they weren’t complaining about it tonight after the entire locker room was displaying tremendous action from all across the board, like Team 3d back together in that ring, Lashley literally destroyed jeff Hardy in there, and the best action was inside the six-sided ring. That ring is where the Ultimate X match was reinvented, where the six sides of steel was born, and where TNA was the ultimate alternative to WWE. Whether the fans like it or not, it’s a staple of TNA for many years and now that it is back, expect the unexpected with TNA for years to come. It did tonight and the fans couldn’t be happier.

Like I said before, six sides works, and not just for nostalgic reasons, but for the right reaons.

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