TNA Goes Off The Air


That's what happens when you run IMPACT Wrestling off a cliff, Dixie!

It’s official…TNA well no longer be on Spike TV come October. In other words, TNA will be kaput without TV rights, so no network deal, no TNA right? Wrong, there are plenty of options for TNA President and so-called “Ms. Fix It” Dixie Carter to get a fair deal come this fall. With CBS broadcasting Thursday Night Football this fall, TNA would be buried in the rains very quickly. And yes, the NFL wants you to watch more football on Thursdays.

If they are completely done, the first network that can get TNA off the ground is Fox Sports 1, considering TNA’s short history with Fox. If that were to happen TNA can get a sweet multi-year deal with Fox Sports and when the day Fox buys Time Warner (That right, you heard me correctly; once Fox buys Time Warner, it might own Warner Brothers!) that gives Rupert Murdoch’s powerful entity that cannot be stopped both Ted Turner’s original superstation TBS and Turner’s cable network TNT (They’ll sell off CNN because they already have Fox News), TNA might end up on one of those networks. Perhaps a new Monday Night War might start again? Who knows, right?

Another alternative to the situation should be a streaming service, like Roku, Netflix, or Amazon, considering how popular these things are. If TNA would get a sweet deal out of this they have to be smart, and broadcast some high quality matches to fit the service and come up with interesting storylines instead of ripping off WWE’s stories. It’s all about giving the fans what they want, an alternative to the WWE.

But what happens to the TNA timeslot? Spike might replace it with Bellator MMA to combat WWE NXT and football, or maybe a couple of good programming as an alternative. With Ring Of Honor on Sinclair stations that is definitely a no-go and Jeff Jarrett’s Global Force Wrestling still doesn’t have a roster in place let alone TV rights to get a deal, wrestling fans have been howling for an alternative to WWE programming for years after WCW and ECW were gone off TV in 2001 and they are still howling now. And from the looks of things as of late, TNA has failed miserably. Big time.

Spike couldn’t care less about TNA and its constant budget cuts, a roster that houses former WWE Superstars and B+ players, and an executive who doesn’t have a clue about wrestling; TNA is no longer on the network come October. The alternatives are in place, but the question is, can they use them?

Here’s hoping they would.

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