The Indy Power Rankings For August 4, 2014

1276404_247361195415669_96469443_oHere we go with the Top 10 independent stars of the world this week on the Indy Power Rankings on The Barbwire Blog; where we rank the best professional wrestlers from the Atlantic to the Pacific, from Canada to Mexico, from Europe to Japan. we’ll count down the 10 most popular wrestlers in the world this week, hot off the votes from the online poll as well as the votes from independent wrestling writers for the week ending August 4, 2014. Now, on with the countdown!


Indy Power Rankings for the Week of August 4th, 2014

1. Chase Owens – A slow week considering what his record has been over the past few weeks but the current NWA Junior Heavyweight Champion picked up his 2 biggest wins over the week defeating Papadon & Rhett Titus. A huge past 3 weeks as Owens dominates the #1 spot… will it continue next week?

2. Jesse Amato – A huge Sunday night for Jesse F’N Amato as he defeated Rob Rage in a Dog Collar Match, Aiden Rayne in a Cactus & Casket Match & finally, PD Flex in a Barbed Wire Deathmatch to win the 2nd Deathproof Tournament! With this being his first ranking ever, what a way to put his name on our radar.

3. Tommaso Ciampa – Last week’s #6 moves up a few spots picking up 3 wins in the Midwest! With an upcoming ROH World Title shot & the momentum the “Sicilian Psychopath” has, could he capture his first #1 soon?

4. Kongo Kong – Current IWA Mid-South Heavyweight Champion stays in the top 10 after his wins over Bolt Brady & Bam Bam Bundy over the week! With him wrestling as constantly as he is, we can only imagine to see this behemoth in the rankings more often.

5. Hudson Envy – AWS Women’s Champion decided she wanted some more gold over the week as she captured the AOS Women’s Title! #10 last week, #5 this week… could this very beautiful yet extremely tough lady be #1 in the future? She’s sure on our radar to do so!

6. Shane Helms – Sugar Shane, the Hurricane…. which ever you wish to call him, has made the IPR poll for the very first time as he dominated at NWA Legends Fest over the weekend picking up 2 wins! If we can see consistency from this former WWE star, he could very well be a #1 in the future.

7. Peter Schwanz – For a dude that doesn’t usually have a week off, surprising to see him make the poll this week! He had 2 wins over the week including a huge mixed tag win v. Joey Avalon & Melanie Cruise! If he keeps dominating the Midwest, wouldn’t be a surprise to see him rise through the rankings.

8. Matt Cage – Current AAW Heritage Champ decided to go win some more gold as he captured the Dreamwave Championship over the week! 2014 has been exactly what his nickname is… “Money”, for Matt Cage. If he continues this hot streak, this Proud Caucasian could be #1 very soon!

9. Melvin Maximus – Former OVW TV Champion returns to the poll after picking up a HUGE win, becoming the NEW OVW Champion. With the ridiclious streak he’s had in the past, could we be seeing the second coming of it and him at #1 for multiple weeks in the future?

10. Marc Hauss – A bunch of first times on the poll concludes with a man rising up in his area as he picked up one of the biggest wins of his career defeating the former Curt Hawkins, Brian Myers at Upstate Pro Wrestling along with a 3-1 record on top of that. Who’s Hauss? The IPR could be Marc’s Hauss if he continues this hot streak.

Honorable Mention: Carter Mason – #2 in the fan poll this week wasn’t enough for this double champion to make the poll! Current Fringe & PWE Champ defeated 4 other men in a 5 man elimination match at PWE to retain his championship. A big week this weekend could see Mason return to the polls!

Others missing out/receiving votes:
Chris Masters
Bad Bones
Adam Pearce
Michael Hayes
Ricky Starks
Spidar Boodrow
Ethan Case
Cedric Alexander
Joe Gacy
Devin Thomas
Nate Redwing

And there you have it, the top 10 of the best independent wrestling stars of the world as voted by the fans as well as independent wrestling writers across the country. To check out their official web site where YOU can participate in the weekly online poll voting, visit as well as their Facebook page at They can be found on Twitter @IndyPowerRankin.

You can follow me on Twitter @matthewhollie and the OFFICIAL Barbwire Blog Twitter @BarbwireBlog


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