Nikki Storm, The Real “Best Ever”


In wrestling, there are heroes and villains, and then there’s legends and icons. But in Scotland, there are several talented individuals but one stands out from the pack as “The Best Ever,” and that is Nikki Storm. Nikki to some, is extremely talented and extremely beautiful. To others, she’s a livewire with skills in the ring and skills on the microphone and no one is safe when Nikki it’s in the ring or on the mic. Make no mistake about it, this Scottish female wrestler can hang tough with the best of them. She is a two-time Pro Wrestling EVE Champion, but the first time was marred with controversy when she lost to Emi Sakura on the night she won it. She has started from the ground up and she never stopped.


“I started watching wrestling when I was really young and when I was 18, I joined the source wrestling school (Scottish Wrestling Alliance) In Glasgow and have been there ever since. I loved everything about pro wrestling: the characters, the athleticism….everything. I was hooked and I had found home,” she said in Ann interview with The Barbwire Blog in its Blogspot incarnation last year. Nikki has had a solid start in her career as a valet before lacing up her boots to be known as “The Best In The Galaxy.” As Nikki points out; “I worked hard, was training damn near every day in the wrestling ring. I valeted Britain’s most wanted (Damian O’Conner and Scott Renwick) before making my wrestling debut in the Kelvin Hall in September 2008, 7 months after beginning training. That first year was hard on different levels but I knew from the get go, it felt right, it felt natural. I knew from my first training session that I had done the right thing.”


Nikki had made an impact wherever she goes, from Insane Championship Wrestling in her native Scotland to SHIMMER in the US to Bellatrix in England even to Japan. When asked last year off she was interested in wrestling for the top US Women’s Wrestling promotions she said; “I’m taking over the world so yes.” And did she ever. Nikki is never going to stop proving to the world she’s the best ever and she’s she’ll gladly tell you about it.


“Wrestling takes you on a crazy journey, a wild roller coaster and you have no idea when you are going to end up or where the next turn or loop will take you,” she says. “The future is a blank canvas. And I love it.” And the future better brace themselves for Nikki Storm as she rolls through wrestlers she can hang with and pull off victories. She isn’t backing down from any fight and nobody doesn’t expect anything less from her.


And so, the fiery young woman from Glasgow, Scotland makes her mall to the world, and she’s far from finished. Names like Allison Danger, Rachel Summerlyn and Ayumi Kurihara all have left the ring, but Nikki will never hang up her boots for good until she’s damned good and ready. “I’m not getting off this roller coaster any time soon and I won’t settle for anything less than world domination.”

Photos credit: Fiona Fraser

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