Road To Bellatrix X


Bellatrix X will go down as one of the biggest events in women’s wrestling history, and with a star studded lineup, who can blame them? The best thing about Bellatrix is that they are willing to go all out to get the top notch talent in the world and this will be no exception. There are seven matches on the card, three of which are championship matches, so let’s run down the event from top to bottom.

Sammi Baynes vs Blue Nikita  Hardcore Steel Cage Match for the RQW European Ladies Championship

The first time these two faced off it was the assistance of Bellatrix Majority Shareholder Axl Lynch that secured a win for the ex-Norfolk Doll. The next time it was a double knockout, with Lynch’s attempted help. Now this time there will be no outside interferences from Lynch or anybody as the match was made by Saraya Knight to be a Hardcore Steel Cage Match! Some questions remain; Will the Daredevil from Greece get her shot at redemption? Or will Sammi Baynes hold on to the gold without any help? We’ll find out on September 28.

Liberty vs Allysin Kay for the Bellatrix World Title

As the leaders of the young generation of Bellatrix girls, Liberty had made it a mission to be the best and stay in top. After taking out Courtney Rush for the Bellatrix World Championship at Bellatrix 8 (To which Courtney Rush remarked; “Defeating me? Don’t make it sound so cut and dry. I seem to recall a Saraya Knight element. Watch your back, AK.”), this will be Liberty’s biggest match in her career, and against the Rogue of the Motor City, AK47 herself, Allysin Kay. A former AIW Women’s Champion and a former WSU Tag Team Champion, Kay has all the tools she needs to get to the top. After all, she was ranked #31 on the 2013 PWI’s Female 50. Will Liberty reign supreme again or well Bellatrix be under the gun of AK47? If there is one prediction, it’s this; PAIN.

Violet O’Hara vs Penelope for the Bellatrix British Ladies Championship

Violet O’Hara made her mark on the Bellatrix promotion in a while and now she is currently holding the Bellatrix British Ladies Championship with pride. The mark of excellence really gave Violet the edge age needs to be one of Bellatrix’s rising stars. Penelope on the other hand had not only turned her back on the Bellatrix faithful, she sold her soul to Axl Lynch and Sammi Baynes to get ahead. This Bellatrix Warrior will need to prove she’s no whipping girl as she faces Violet O’Hara for the Bellatrix British Ladies Championship. Does Penelope have what it takes to be champ, or will Violet  show Penelope she’s the champ and stay champ?

Miss Mina vs Skarlett

Mina and Skarlett are two of Bellatrix’s valued members and three two never faced off before. Mina has had her stock climb up when she did inedible work outside Bellatrix; but in Bellatrix however, it’s a completely different story. Skarlett on the other hand has been featured on TNA’s British Boot Camp and is on the rise for the women’s wrestling scene in the UK. Will one of the most recognized Bellatrix names have her hand raised at the end of the night? Only time will tell.

Queen of the Ring Lady Lory vs Erin Angel

Lady Lory never catches a break. After winning the Queen of the Ring tournament she is still hassled by her former tag team partner Destiny, she is unfairly labeled her “Princess of the Ring.” The war of words between the injured Bellatrix Warrior and the new Queen spilled on social media, and the only way to shut Destiny up is to beat Erin Angel at Bellatrix X. Speaking of Erin, the former Bellatrix British Ladies Champion is coming off a loss in the Semi-Finals of the same tournament against the Bellatrix World Champion Liberty. Can Erin get back on track or will the Queen of the Ring prove her critics wrong with a win?

Chanel vs Saraya Knight

As one of the members of the new generation of Bellatrix, Chanel brings nothing but energy in the ring. As a protege of Saraya Knight, Chanel also brings intensity in her matches. Now it’s student against teacher even the talented lady of Norwich battles the same woman who taught her everything she knows; Saraya Knight. From battling Cheerleader Melissa to roughing up Paige even to going all out to keep Bellatrix in Knight hands, the former SHIMMER Champion has done it all. Now the matriarch of the most respected families in the world will show the young Chanel she is still the dangerous athlete on the Bellatrix roster.

Shax vs. Amy-Lee Krammer

Amy-Lee has had several tough battles in her career, but nothing compares to being in the ring with Shax, who will make her return to Bellatrix after appearing in Bellatrix 8. While Amy-Lee replaced the injured Destiny at the Queen of the Ring tournament, she failed to make a wave after losing in the first round. Now she has to shake that off and focus on one of the most darkest women’s wrestlers on the Bellatrix roster in Shax. Shax has a mean streak a mile long and as for her game plan against the Bellatrix Warrior, she’s silently planning her demise. Let’s hope Amy-Lee leave in one piece!

For those in the UK, make sure you go to Norwich on September 28th for Bellatrix 10 at the world famous EPIC Studios. For ticket info visit this address at or follow Bellatrix on Twitter @BellatrixFW.

You can follow me on Twitter @matthewhollie as well as The Barbwire Blog’s official Twitter @BarbwireBlog


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