TNA Stinks And Here’s Why


TNA these days under the leadership of Dixie Carter has completely been the worst in recent years, but the laughingstock of the wrestling world may probably be on their last legs on this one due in part of massive budget cuts and talent releases. This is why Panda Energy is never fit to run TNA, because they don’t have the assets to build a solid roster and off course, installing the Carters installing their daughter Dixie as TNA president, arguably the worst boss in professional wrestling history. TNA is now at a crossroads where they can either close up shop or continue but with a new network, possibly Velocity, from the kind folks at the Discovery Channel. It’s a small network, but hopefully fits the bill with budget issues over the company.

But face the facts, TNA isn’t going to win big while facing massive budget cuts, talent departures, and their inability to create stars. This is the issue this company is facing right now is just that, mismanagement. Lots off contracts expired because of mismanagement, they never got a dime from Spike TV for airing IMPACT WRESTLING, and jobs were on the line. It’s because the Carters allowed this to happen because they couldn’t sell to people who know the business well. If these departures and the budget cuts continue, TNA needs to start from scratch all over again.

I know I’m probably going to get ripped by the TNA fans for saying this, TNA needs a new direction and it starts with the front. If the new direction is what it needs, it might have to start at at the top. Paul Heyman said it better than anybody; “You can achieve success if you fear failure.” We’re not sure if TNA Chairwoman and Dixie’s mother Janice Carter is going to remove her as President; but to be honest, Dixie is the failure. But she’s not going to achieve success with these moves she’s making to keep TNA afloat.

History has a way to repeat itself. WCW under the watchful eye of Ted Turner in the 1990s solidified WCW as a #2 company and of course dominated the early part of the Monday Night War before former WB programming chief Jamie Kellner killed it in 2001. Paul Heyman put ECW on the map because he was successful at building ECW’s identity before going into bankruptcy in the same year WCW. Dixie Carter failed to move TNA forward and that’s the price she pays for mismanaging the company. Failure is a everyday thing over in TNA because they lack the leadership, and they lack the tools to be a success.

Change has to start at the top in TNA. They need a president with experience in wrestling, have the ability to create stars and the ability to get the top names when they are financially able. It’s not going to happen overnight, but change will happen eventually. There is an old saying, “If it ain’t broke, don’t try to fix it.” But to be honest, with all the budget cuts and talent departures in urgent years, TNA is indeed a broken mess. And it will not get better under the umbrella of Panda Energy.

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