Road To Bellatrix X: Amy-Lee Tells It Like It Is…And She Means It Too


Amy-Lee Kramer since Bellatrix 8 was the utilized to her best potential. From being eliminated at the 30 Woman Rumble to replacing an injured Destiny, she is getting the ball rolling. But when she faces a very dangerous opponent in Shax, don’t expect this one to be an technical wrestling clinic. Expect it to be a brawl. In her latest interview, Amy-Lee discusses the match as well as her involvement in the Queen of the Ring Tournament.

1. You substituted for an injured Destiny at the Queen of the Ring tournament at Bellatrix IX. What happened at the event from your perspective?

Bellatrix IX was a hard hitting show, full of anticipation as the new queen of the ring would be crowned that night. Personally I feel Lady Lory was most deserving of the title on that night in particular, but make no mistake I had my eye on that prize as much as any of them.

2. You’ll be in the ring against Shax, who hasn’t been in Bellatrix since Bellatrix 8. What do you expect from this match?

I expect nothing from this match except a strong victory from myself. I’ve not seen much of Shax’s work but I know what I can do, and believe me I will push her to her very limits.

3. What kept you busy outside the Bellatrix scene?

My family is a big factor for me. I am always busy with them, so when I get the chance to compete at Bellatrix it’s always a nice change from my normal life.

4. Do you think that Bellatrix will be a force in women’s wrestling in Europe for years to come?

100% yes. I have said this every single time, Bellatrix grows with every step it takes, constantly bringing in new talent, Using the best talent in the best ways, in my opinion, there is nothing that can compete with Bellatrix as far as Europe goes. We will only continue to get bigger and better.

5. With the Bellatrix debut of Allysin Kay at Bellatrix X, do you think she will be a perfect fit for Bellatrix?

All of the outside talent Bellatrix has brought in so far have fitted in perfectly, so I don’t see this time as any different.

6. In closing, would you like to leave a final comment for your fans as well as Shax?

Only to bring the best game she’s got, but even then, it won’t be enough.

Special thanks to Amy Lee for her time for this interview as well as Saraya Knight and Axl Lynch for their help in the process. To learn more about Bellatrix, check out their Facebook page at and hit the like button. Also check them out on Twitter too @BellatrixFW.

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