Road To Bellatrix X: Chanel, The Product Of The Future


Chanel may have gotten her lessons from Saraya Knight, but come September 28th, she will get even more lessons when she faces her mentor one-on-one. As one of the core members of the New Generation of Bellatrix, Chanel is out to prove that the moniker is for real every time she steps in the ring. In her latest interview, she will discuss the match as well as other topics from the woman herself.

1. What were you up to after Bellatrix 6?

Bellatrix 6?! Gosh that seems such a long time ago! To tell you the truth I cant even remember (Laughing). Working on my game and training. There has been quite a lot of shows since then, which I believe you learn something from each one, so just improving since then.

2. What was your impression of Bellatrix 7 from your point of view?

Bellatrix vs Shimmer had LOTS of hype built around it! I was really excited to watch the show as I knew these girls who were coming over such as Cheerleader Melissa, Mercedes Martinez etc were obviously well respected names and had created big names for themselves in the U.S. The show lived up to my expectations and as I sat watching I was inspired. I actually remember thinking ‘I need to train my ass off now!’

3. You were involved in Bellatrix 8 as one of the entrants of the 30 Woman Rumble. Can you tell our readers about that match?

Yes, I think I was the second entrant if I remember correctly! I was up against Destiny for a couple of minutes before I had a little help from Miss Mina. The match was just as I expected, very hard hitting and very crowded. It felt like you had 29 other girls wanting to kill you!!

4. What match from Bellatrix 7 in your opinion stood out?

Definitely Sweet Saraya vs Cheerleader Melissa. You could feel the tension in the room, it was such a great atmosphere. It gave me such a buzz when Saraya made her entrance, the whole room got on their feet cheering and clapping for their home girl. The match had so much history, violence, blood sweat and tears behind it that it was hard not to stand out. Besides their match I would have to say Liberty vs Sammi Baynes, I was completely taken aback by their performance, it was great!!!

5. What is the state of Bellatrix now that Axl Lynch is at the helm?

Ah who cares as long as he stays out of my business! So far I’ve had nothing to do with him and I’m happy for it to stay that way.

6. What are your goals in Bellatrix?

My main goal at the moment is the Bellatrix British Championship (as many others will probably also say). The way I see it, if you look at our world champion Liberty, its a way of working yourself up, some recognition, you’ve achieved something, and you can only go up from there! And it means the company trust and have faith in you, which would be an honour in itself!

7. What kept you busy outside of Bellatrix?

Well I actually had something really exciting that kept me busy for a good couple of days! I had a tryout with WWE, you might’ve seen me as one of the rosebuds on RAW and Smackdown It was one of my dreams and it came true, I still cant quite believe it happened!!

8. You will be up against your mentor in the business, Saraya Knight. What do you expect from that match?

Oh I expect a fight! I know its going to be brutal. Anyone who knows Saraya Knight knows she doesn’t mess around, she doesn’t do light-hearted and she’s definitely not for the squeamish! So yeah.. I think I’ve more than got my work cut out for me. But don’t underestimate me, you haven’t seen me at my best yet. I can give as good as I get.

9. How do you prepare for a match?

I prepare physically and mentally for a match. I go to the gym so I feel fit and ready and ill also study my opponent. However in this case, Saraya is my mentor and trainer, meaning her knowledge has been passed onto me, some may call that an advantage.

10. With the Bellatrix debut of Allysin Kay at Bellatrix X, do you think she will be a perfect fit for Bellatrix?

Yes, and I’m excited to see what she brings!

11. With Bellatrix being a force for women’s wrestling in Europe, do you believe that the promotion will be successful?

Of course I do. We are already successful, we work damn hard and have the best female talent in the UK/Europe. We can only go from strength to strength.

12. In closing, would you like to add a final comment for your fans as well as Saraya Knight?

Thanks for reading! Now go and get your tickets for Bellatrix 10 on the 28th September at Epic Studios, Norwich! You will not be disappointed. There will be food, drink and girls kicking the crap out of each other! So a great night out! Saraya, I’ll see you there!

Special thanks to Chanel for her time for this interview as well as Ms. Saraya Knight and Axl Lynch for their help in the process. To keep up with Chanel, she can now be found on Twitter @bellatrixchanel.

To learn more about Bellatrix, check out their Facebook page at and hit the like button. Also check them out on Twitter too @BellatrixFW.

You can follow me on Twitter @matthewhollie and the official Barbwire Blog Twitter @BarbwireBlog

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